Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain!

Ah... the Wizard of Oz...That magic moment when Dorothy and friends are cowering before the fiercesome visage of the Wizard that she has come so far and through so much peril, to see. Dorothy, in spite of her fear of the wizard, tells him that she has completed the impossible task that he had set before her and now she expected him to follow through on his promise to send her home...and then....she notices that Toto has pulled aside a curtain exposing the sham that is the "great and powerfull Wizard of Oz".

Sometimes these iconic movie moments have their paralels in real life. Take, for instance, that the loudest voices against gays and lesbians are often gay themselves. They are the wizards, trying to cow us into submission. That is...until someone pulls away the curtain to show the real person underneath the facade.

Such is the case of Professor George Allen Rekers.... Rekers is a Baptist minister and cofounder of the Family Research Council, one of the most rabidly anti-gay organzations in the nation. In his off hours, he also likes to cruise gay for pay hook up sites...of course...Its what all the conservative Christians are doing these days.

Professor Rekers' life and work have been so dedicated to working against the gay community that it has been said of him:

"While he keeps a low public profile, his fingerprints are on almost every anti-gay effort to demean and dehumanize LGBT people," says Wayne Besen, a gay rights advocate in New York City and the executive director of Truth Wins Out, which investigates the anti-gay movement. "His work is ubiquitously cited by lobby groups that work to deny equality to LGBT Americans. Rekers has caused a great deal of harm to gay and lesbian individuals."

Mr. Rekers is also a board member of National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, which is another repairative therapy group. Mr. Rekers is also regarded as a leading scholar for the christian right and is a member of the American College of Pediatricians....you know, the sham medical association that puts out false information denying any biological basis for homosexuality...yeah, those guys. And this is only the TIP of the iceberg on Mr. Rekers work against gays and lesbians.

So here is another "Great and Powerfull Oz" wishing to scare us into fealty...the problem with this is that Toto just pulled back the curtain on him as well. As reported in the Miami New Times Mr. Rekers was recently sighted traveling in the company of a young man he reportedly met on Rentboy.com. For those of you who don't know what that is...(uh huh, sure you don't)....its a "gay for pay" site that should be quite off of Mr. Rekers radar.

Rekers and "Lucien"...his "traveling assistant" both freely claim that they met through Rentboy.com, though according the the Times article, Rekers claims he had no idea that Lucien was a prostitute, instead offering the explanation that he had surgery and needed "help lifting".....Yeah...the funny thing though, is that Rekers was outed by a picture of him pushing a heavily loaded luggage cart while retrieving Lucien from the airport. And when questioned, Lucien didn't seem to be on the same page with Rekers in regards to his career as a rent boy:

At the small western Miami townhome he shares with a roommate, a nervous Lucien expressed surprise when we told him that Rekers denied knowing about his line of work from the beginning. "He should've been able to tell you that," he said, fidgeting and fixing his eyes on his knees. "But that's up to him."

Thats professionalism, that is. Always protect your client. You know, because we all shop for personal assistants at a site that specializes in prostitution, erotic massuers, ans sugar daddies. Its also important to note that both also deny having sex even though no speaking engagements where scheduled on the trips the two took together.

With all those credits to his name, you would guess Mr. Rekers would be a pretty intellegent man, yet  he denies any knowledge that "Lucien" was a prostitute until halfway through the vacation they took together. Yet, afterword Rekers began making more plans to travel with Lucien to Rome. Emailing him comments like, "This is so exciting to have a nice Travel Assistant and traveling companion! Wow! I'm so glad I met you."  Just so you know, this is what qualifications Professor Reker uses to select his staff.  Luciens rentboy profile reads like this:

Weight: 132lbs (60kg), Height: 5' 9" (175cm), Body Hair: Smooth, Build: Lean/Swimmer, Eye Color: Blue, Hair Color: Blonde, Foreskin: Uncut, C#*k Size: Large, Safe Sex: Always Safe, Sexual Position: Versatile, Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, Drugs: Non-Drug User, Smoking: Non-Smoker, Ethnicity: Latino, Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Tastes / Specialties / Fetishes: Vanilla, Leather, Anal, Oral, Shaving, Spanking, Role Playing, Kissing, Toys, Feet, Talents: Modeling, Go-Go Dancing, Stripping, Massage, Travel Companion, Tour Guide, Interpreter.
Well, to be fair...he did list that he was a travel companion...after listing that he also charges for anal sex. And yet Prof. Rekers claims he had no idea what Lucien got up to...hmmm...not buying it sir.

So many questions here. Does anyone really believe that Rekers and "Lucien" are NOT having sex? And in the off chance that he is not...which is a stretch....isn't it suspicious enough that he frequents a site for male prostitutes? How do you explain that one?

The whole issue makes me think one thing....WTF?!!!!

Why are we our own worst enemies? Whether its Senator Roy Asheburn, Charlie Crist,  Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, or any other name that has become synonymous with the hypocracy of wanting to have secret sex with men while also doing their damndest to destroy the lives of gay men and women trying to live honest lives. The sad fact is,  if you attend any anti-gay conferance and find the loudest voice damning us to hell...that person will probably be the closeted gay acting out on the down low. Not that their aren't plenty of heterosexual people that would rather see us just not exist...just that the loudest, most hate-filled voices usually end up being found out eventually to be subject to that which they condemn...homosexuality. They are too frightened of who they are and what they want, so they attack us as a way of hiding within plain sight. I also think they do such damaging things as a misguided way of atoning for what they percieve within themselves. By attacking the gays, they attack the gay within themselves.

So like the wizard that terrifies Dorothy into doing his bidding, these people like to put up a false front of grandiose moral superiority. Their words become the ringing proclamations of doom and the shooting flames meant to cow us into silence by inciting the spector of hatred through religion. ...but....you pull away the curtain and theres only a man. No terrible magic. No lighting and thunder. Just a man trying desparately to hide the truth of who he is.

how many curtains have we already pulled away? How many impressive and frightening visages have we already reduced to snake oil salesman? Too many. But we have to keep pulling back that curtain until there are no more voices to create that shame and self loathing in others. The scarecrow wasn't smart enough to see through the smoke and mirrors, the tin man was a lover not a fighter, Dorothy was too busy standing up against the illusion, and the lion was just plain too afraid.....but that little dog knew the score. If not for him Dorothy would still be in Oz. Who's our Toto?


  1. Keep your eye on Joe My God's site. He's doing a great job of tracking this after Reker emailed Joe himself claiming he was trying to "save" Lucien.

  2. Recall this? New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual Arousal

    Was done in 1996. And I bet it's been repeated and verified.

    The biggest homophobes tend to get highly aroused by gay porn. Imagine that.

    And yes, JMG has the ENTIRE coverage of this. Quite amusing to read of Rekers protestations on this.

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the BIGGEST obstacle to gay rights in this country is not coming from straight people..it is coming from self loathing closeted homosexuals. They are a malignant tumor on society. Our society needs an oncologist badly!! Someone PLEASE call 911!!!!

  4. While homophobes are ultimately responsible for their own actions and decisions, they're also products of our society. They're both symptoms and creators of bigotry at the same time. Homophobic ideas fear largely come from a culture of hatred and discrimination

    I know for sure that my reason for staying in the closet is motivated by an internalized homophobia that I learned throughout my early years. Fortunately, my environment wasn't overly oppressive or homophobic, and I've never felt the need to be homophobic myself to throw people off about my sexuality. Still though, to the extent that I've feared my sexual orientation, and am to this day still carrying an emotional shame about it that keeps me in the closet despite knowing intellectually that there is nothing wrong with it shows just how powerful culture is on each individual

    Jim's analogy of the homophobes being a "malignant tumor" is a good one. The fear and hatred keeps getting passed on and replicated. We need to change the culture and educate the public, but the hate, fear, etc. keeps a lot of us locked into the cells of our oppression. It's a vicious cycle

    I really think a major reason why our minority group hasn't achieved Civil Rights compared to other ones is because we are capable of passing as straight. Whereas with many individuals of a different ethnicity, you can visibly tell who is not "mainstream" or the majority. It's harder to hide the ethnicity. This made them larger targets in the short run, but in the long run I think it helped them, because their option of fighting the discrimination was more obvious and they could be united in that mutual struggle. With the "gay community," we're not only down in numbers, but subdivided in a number of sects including the closeted and open. It's hard to unite a social group when there's in-fighting (gay homophobes), isolation/separation (closeted folks who are scared to be near anything/anyone gay), and deceit. Fear and hatred are so powerful that deceit starts looking like a favorable option to hide, to run, and even to lie to oneself. And like the other cycles, fear and hatred encourage deceit and miseducation (wrong facts, made up accounts, ignoring evidence, etc.), and vice versa

    I used to think my ability to hide behind the curtain was a blessing but these days I don't think this was a good thing for homosexuals

  5. You always put a humorous yet thoughtful take on issues like this. A good read as always.

  6. My wish for one day is that ALL gay people would simply wake up and be a different color. We don’t have to stereotype and say PINK - how about a nice desert-camouflage, NOW that would be sexy! Only when people see we are their sons, their sisters, their boss, the janitor, the doctor, the car mechanic, the celebrity, the teacher, the politician and preachers… will we ever have true equality in this world. You cannot hide being black, for the most part the same for those of the Jewish or Muslim faith (while many Jews tried their best under Hitler) but being GAY is something that is so internal that people can PUT on the SHOW for all of OZ, and people believe it.
    I take that back, I do not think the MUNCHKINS for a minute - or SOCIETY today believes this charade - it is just so much simpler to "pretend" than it is than facing the TRUTH.
    Now about my NATIONAL camouflage coming out day – IF this would ever happen I bet there would be so many damn people calling in sick it would shut down the country!

  7. As always another great post!

    I too wish that they would come a day where there people would no longer feel a need to stay in the closet nor to fear being out at all and thus so much less damage to the the community would be done. Its just so frustrating at times to see things that should have been done be all rights yesterday still not done and to know that it dose not look promising for them to get done any time soon, it really dose make you feel like if only the country could see how many actual LGBT people there are things would get done!!

  8. Looks like the MSM are picking up the story as The Washington Post blogged about it in the political section today.

    I would feel sorry for the man but for the all the pain and anguish his group has caused. The sad thing is that his lies sound even more pathetic than if he had come out a la Jimmy Swaggert with the fake tears. They met on Rentboys.com (like any hetero male would look at the site) but he was just a baggage handler?!! Pathetic.

  9. maybe there needs to be an "outing campaign". Outing people even against their will. It will be hard on them at first. But eventually everyone will finally realize that it really is no big deal. How is this situation even possible in this day and age? When is the human race ever going to grow up???

  10. I'm waiting to read your blog on the NY love crime, because they aren't calling it a hate crime...

  11. @sharin

    do you have a link per chance...i am not seeing finding any good articles on the subject

  12. This was both fun and interesting reading. It is sad that society put so much pressure to people that make them hate themselves this much. Yes it is often those who hate gays most, and scream it out loudest are really the most scared ones. Like the scared dog that barks the loudest.

  13. I realize this is already old news, but after having blundered into this blog, I felt compelled to reply.

    I feel great pity for Mr. Rekers. It is, perhaps, a little hypocritical for the oppressed to on the one hand fight to eliminate hate while on the other hand disseminate hate themselves, and so for us to hate this deeply troubled man would be hypocritical. Heatherfeather is on the right track in this respect.

    As u3q2v said, it is his learned beliefs and customs, handed down by society, that has driven him to lead such a torturous existence: hate not the man, but rather the circumstances that made him. It is to these ambivalent and careless devils that we should devote our attention to.

    Imagine if things had been different for Mr. Rekers: growing up in an open-minded and loving home, going to an excellent Public School System that taught all-encompassing tolerance and respect, watching and experiencing society and culture as it reinforced these values. Perhaps he would have had just as much of an impact fighting FOR gay rights as he did opposing.

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