Monday, December 13, 2010

Plague House

I apologize to my readers for a lack of posting lately. Our house has played host to just about every cold and flu germ in the state lately. Right now, my daughter is yo-yoing between 102 and 105 degrees...with sore throat and stomach aches. She is all tears right now and it just sucks. Not even color books can make her happy. :(

No matter how many times you go through fevers with your kids, when they get really high, they get scary. You ask yourself how high is too high? When do we go straight to the emergency room? How long is this going to go on? Having been feverish to the point of delirium, I know how uncomfortable it is and I hurt for her. This has been going on since Friday and only abated for a few hours this morning to come back again this afternoon...*sigh*...She's been to the doctor and we've all had our flu shots as well as just completing a battery of antibiotics for whooping cough. She's in bed all weekend...getting fluids, cool wash clothes, children's Tylenol, and lukewarm baths but we are still fighting it.

In addition to the whooping cough scare my son was sick...the baby just got over being feverish and sick...even my husband has been under the weather. When will this end? Having five kids..three in three separate classrooms means the germs they bring home are multiplied as they bring home their classmates illnesses. Its too the point now where I'm gonna scrub everyone down Silkwood style as soon as they come in the door. If we can get Selena past this then hopefully we will be sick free for a while.

My apologies to my readers I hope to be back in the saddle again soon (hopefully tomorrow). Until then I'm back on cool wash cloth duty...stay healthy everyone.


  1. Yikes! I hope everything gets better very soon!

  2. Bryan..just you being there and holding the kids hands will make them feel better..bolster their immune systems...and quickly guide them to the road to recovery. (perhaps chicken soup and watching "the Wizard of Oz" with them for the thousandth time will help too....) :)

  3. I have to agree with Jim on this one. The comfort of a parent is usually best. Soup or broth if she can take it. Certainly stay hydrated.

    I hope you all get better soon. Its not fun to be sick during the holidays.

  4. Sendin prayers and good wishes you way. Good luck!

  5. im so sorry about that! i hope the best to everyone and hopefully this will pass up. maybe tango the penguin will cheer her up. i suggest you guys should try cold water with some warm soup! maybe some games and toys will help. once again im sorry and the best to everyone! and merry christmas/happy new year!