Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sean Chapins..The (Don't Say) Gay Song

For those of you who may not be aware of the Ruckus out of Tennessee, lawmakers want to make it illegal for Teachers and grade schoolers in grades K-8 talk about the fact that some people are gay. You just can't talk about it....at all. It's as if they think not talking about us will prevent kids from knowing we exist. I imagine that this will  make certain history lessons problematic(enola gay?)...but that's right, we don't teach history here in America anymore...silly me..

The response to this ridiculous bill has been to point out it's obvious logic flaws and well...it's utter ridiculousness. In this spirit our good friend Sean Chapin has worked his magic to put together and awesome music video in a parody of Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song". Our family got to be a part of making the video along with Sean who was Director extraordinaire,  Justin Taylor as the disapproving principle, Maureen de Nieva as the Teacher. Long time viewers may recognize Maureen as the Pretty Pink Princess who falls in love with the Page from Sean's take on the banned children's book "King and King"...another of Seans productions we were honored to take part in.

This Shoot was alot of fun and allowed us all to feel like actors for a day. The kids had a great time and took direction from Sean a BILLION times better than they ever would take it from me. Sean could have asked them to jump through flaming hoops and they would have done it with a smile and I can't even get them to pick up their toys off the floor without having to use "the voice". We literally filmed all day and in nearly every room of our house. Both Jay and I we asked to do a few things that made us deeply self conscious and we honestly feared for what the final product would be...not because of Sean mind you, but because of us. When he told us there would be dancing involved, it took everything we had not to bolt out the door. But when I saw that he has finally uploaded the video on his channel, I called the kids together and we all watched it with no small amount of trepidation. What happened is that we laughed our asses off...What Sean pulled together from the tons of scenes we filmed that day is amazing and totally made us forget that it was us doing those things. After it's all said and done we were all very proud to have been a part of such a fun video and we hope that it will make you laugh and maybe think a little bit too.

please take a moment to drop by Sean Chapins YouTube Channel and let him know what an awesome job he did. And if you enjoyed this please share it with your friends!

Until next time Dear readers....


  1. Thank you for this. As always you never seem to fail at making us feel interested, educated and at the same time entertained.

    Love from Palestine

  2. This video is awesome!! Your whole family did an amazing job!! I will definitely share this. :)

  3. Hi Bryan
    I post on yours and Sean channels ...but just in case u missed my post I LOVE the VIDEO.... That Sean is very good at what he does.... & the fact you and your wonderful family was in this video was icing on the cake...
    much lv

  4. Thanks guys :) our family had tons of fun and Sean is a very creative guy.


  5. Such a great-great hilarious video! A true home-made masterpiece. I'll drop by to Sean's channel to say thanx.
    I loved it!

  6. Oh this is so so so awesome! It's so fun and...can I say it's gay if I mean happy? Because this video makes me SO GAY! Love it!

  7. OMG! This video is awesome! Is really funny and entertaining.

    And to tell you the truth I had never seen Sean before, he is cute! =P

  8. This video was so much fun. You guys should be proud. Especially Daniel and Selena, they were great!