Wednesday, November 7, 2012

EPIC WIN 2012!

I can't even believe it!...after a nail biting night of sitting on the edge of our seats as election results slowly poured in...we are now looking at a massive victory for equality and progressive politics. President Obama has won reelection and we also have picked up a handful of out LGBT legislators...including our first out LGBT Congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin! Congratulations too all of them and it is my hope that the more LGBT lawmakers win huge elections like these, the more it will pave the way for even bigger gains and foster a culture of acceptance over fear.

But as if that weren't enough....

I went to bed last night before the ballot initiatives in Maryland, Maine, Washington, and Minnesota had been really counted. Marriage equality had been in the lead, but the margin was very slim. There was every chance that one or two of these states could have slipped away in the night. But what did I discover?...not the mixed bag of wins and losses that most of us expected to see....Marriage Equality had one in ALL FOUR STATES!   For the second time in a month I was utterly gobsmacked. In fact, I'm still a little shocked as I write this post.

Most of you have been with this blog over the years and probably remember the feeling as we entered ballot fight after ballot fight only to have our hearts handed to us on a plate. The feeling of knowing that the majority of people that you would call neighbors thought that our lives weren't worth recognition or equal protection was sickening. And guess what?...I don't have that feeling today. For the first time ever, people went to the poles and told the world that the lives and loves of the LGBT family members, friends, and fellow citizens count as an equal part of the American fabric. That's a huge step forward from eight years ago.

As we take this step  it makes one wonder what the next step will be? Now that marriage equality has won and won big...what will be the implications on things like the Supreme Court as it decides on a growing number of lawsuits against DOMA and have we seen the beginning of the end for DOMA because of last night? And what of The National Organisation for Marriage or The Family Research Institute? Surely there are going to be some head hanging and saber rattling to come from that quarter, but will last nights wins have an effect on their ability to literally scare up donations and fund further anti-equality ballot initiatives. I have heard the opinion that this could be the final nail in NOM's coffin...but...I am not ready to count them out yet. /A caged animal fights harder when it's backed into a corner and this puts NOM into a very small corner.

However, regardless of NOM or the voices that we know will always be there to devalue the gay community, we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for today. Congratulations to President Obama and Senator Baldwin. Congrats to the people of Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota for letting love carry the  day...and congratulations to all of us for this historic event touches us all and will reverberate through all our lives.

Who would believe we have come from...


To this........

The Journey may not be over, but it sure feels a little shorter today...

Until next time dear readers...


  1. I think the passage and rejection in the case of Minnesota happened in part because of President Obama and Vice President Biden throwing in their support of marriage equality.

    That is what leadership is. Leadership is staking out a position that may be unpopular but is right.

  2. I'm soooo happy for u guys!!! I was rooting so much for it! Its just so awesome, a COMPLETE victory! Such a good example to the whole world!

    But the fight continues, lets get inspired for this great victory and go further! I'm sure this victories are a injection of hope for all the LGBT community in the whole world. For me it certainly is.

    Congrats America!!!

  3. In addition to the wins in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington, we have good news in Iowa. Marriage equality came there by a unanimous judicial decision by The Iowa Supreme Court. 3 of that court’s 7 justices have been voted out of office but, this time, Justice David Wiggins survived the attempt to oust him at the polls. I would never have believed it could turn out this well. The Religious Right and the Teabaggers finally need to learn how hated they are except by their own kind. Those freaks can believe whatever they want. But when they try to get their beliefs codified as law to oppress us, we will rise up against them and do everything in our power to destroy them.

  4. It feels absolutely amazing to know that we have won marriage equality in WA! I was holding my breath all day until Washington United For Marriage declared it a victory today, during my lunch brake!

  5. It's absolutely great! Congratulations from Germany. I'm very happy.

  6. good news is easily instead i say WOOT!

  7. Happy to see that you guys down there are finally getting the rights that we've been fortunate enough to have in Canada for going on 10 years. Here's to reason (gradually) winning over dogma!