Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fantastic Irish PSA For Marriage Equality

Check out this short Marriage Equality ad from Ireland. It is truly moving and makes me wonder why we don't make videos like these here. When marriage measures came up for votes here in California and Maine we saw only bland tv spots that seemed more intent of promoting a dumbed down and diluted image that they fult would be safe for feignt hearted American viewers rather than  showing the simple everyday faces of gay people and their families as this clip has done in such a moving say. This spot is only a minute long and yet, you are heartbroken by the end of it....I think the people who make these should come over here and make a few for us. Check it out:


  1. Excellent ad. I have cross-posted to my own journal here. I live in Minnesota, where as you know, we're going to have a marriage equality campaign heating up soon (ironically, even if we manage to defeat the proposed amendment, marriages will STILL not be equal in Minnesota. Defeat of the amendment just means it won't be enshrined in the state's constitution, but gays STILL won't be allowed to marry. I'm not sure that all Minnesotans entirely understand that.)

  2. I almost cried at the end of this ad.
    This ad appeals to the viewer's sense of family and compassion. The concepts discussed have a beautiful and human simplicity.
    They are not asking people to think about taxes, laws, social security, not even marriage. They ask you to think about what it means for a child to watch a parent suffer, and not have the right to be told what is happening or be able to make necessary decisions; to be told instead that they don't count as Real family.
    The ads I have seen in the USA are far to analytical to have the human, emotional impact of this one. So far they don't seem to have been vary effective. Perhaps because, no matter how much activist org.s might like to think that they are, for most, gay rights are not analytical, concerned with laws, science and taxes. Whether the person is in favor of gay rights, or against them, the issue is so steeped in emotion that scientific and legal facts become irrelevant. Perhaps it is time ads in the USA started appealing more to people's emotions instead.

  3. That is such a good add, although at the end I just about cried,imagining something happening to ether of my parents and being told that I was not a real enough family member and that I could not be told what was wrong let alone allowed to make important decisions based on that. We need more adds like that here, I think that it would do wonders to get more on the fence people to see why marriage equality is so important!!