Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Selena's Graduation Day!

Hello everyone.

Few things make a parent prouder than when our kids show us how grown up they are becoming. Today is Selena's day to shine because she is graduating from Preschool! I can't believe that the little bundle of cuteness we brought home almost four and a half years ago has gotten that big!

As parents, we have to teach our kids so much before they ever attend school. They handle walking and talking well enough on their own but, potty training, learning to dress and brush your teeth, how to share and resolve your conflicts without pushing and shoving, thats alot to learn. Then we throw them in with a bunch of other toddlers and ask them to count, know their colors, memorize the alphabet, and begin writing. When Selena first came to be with us, we wondered and worried if we were up to the task of helping her reach these milestones.

Selena's baby pic...nice topnot babe!

One by one Selena has tackled them all and shown that we didn't need to worry because she had it under control all along. Except for the potty thing....she didn't like that much. Now this little girl, who used to be so dependant on me for everything almost does it all herself. She is leaving preschool knowing her numbers almost to 30, her entire alphabet, a beginning in reading and math, awsome penmanship, and great social skills. The credit for that goes not only to her School...Frankling Park CoOp. Preschool...but also to Selena who was always excited to learn and so proud when she figured it out.

I know I'm gushing a bit about it all but today Jay and I are again proud papa's. Selena graduates and Daniel moves on from fourth grade to fifth. Daniel has even recently discovered he likes to read....for in books without pictures!...I know! It's crazy! I never thought I would see the day he would look outside a video game console for adventure. Right now he's reading Twilight: Eclipse and trying to finish it before the movie comes out so he can see how its different. I can't believe it.

Getting bigger!----->

In a house full of so many kids, Selena gets to be the center of attention again. Today is her day to shine. She has worked hard to be the smart cookiee she is and she totally deserves the recognition. She is five years old now and ready to move on to another milestone. Congratulations to our baby girl and sunshine from your Dads.

Please check out her graduation ceremony as seen  through the eyes of two proud papa's:


  1. I know I´ve been kind of MIA but I wanted to say how happy and proud I am of you guys.
    She is grwoing up to be an awesome woman. Nothing less with the parents she has.
    Hugs and kisses Bryan.

  2. Bryan:
    Congratulations to Selena on her PreSchool graduation and Congratulations to you and Jay on being such great Dads! You have a beautiful daughter, a handsome son and your should be very proud of your family.

    Keep reading Daniel, you will discover so much between the covers of a book, I am sure Daddy Bryan is thrilled you have discovered the joy of reading.

    Have a wonderful summer, enjoy each day, they go by so quickly.

    Love and Peace to all,

  3. You are the best dads ever!! ^_^ Congrats Selena!

  4. Congratulations! You two must be so proud, Selena is growing up into such a wonderfull young lady.

    You guys are doing such a great job, you are raising such great young lady and gentlemen as only great parents can. :-)

  5. Wow! Congratulations!! To you, Jay, Selena and Daniel for all the great accomplishments and hard work.
    All of you deserve a round of applause :)

    I remember feeling like that when my little sister, who is now going to third grade, graduated in preschool...I can absolutely relate.

    Keep it up. 0_0.V
    Best wishes and much love,

  6. Congratulation Selena! Not to forget 2 great dads who always be there for you. Daniel keep reading.
    Bryan & Jay you're great! May god bless all of you


  7. We follow you guys on youtube and I just want to say how wonderful it is to have gay dads we want to be like. We are still in the process of starting to have a child and will keep you posted. Wish us luck and love!