Monday, March 21, 2011

GFV Update...Why We Dropped Off The Radar

Yes...I have been a bad bad blogger. It has been over a week since I have written anything and I feel like I owe everyone an explanation....

Due to the fact that our family has become a full time foster family, it became clear to us that our kids needed more space since they were being asked to share their rooms. As a result we have chosen to completely rotate both children's rooms and our personal Star Wars office space ( /cry)....yes...we just flip flopped three rooms, including carpet, paint, and electrical work. A job that should have taken us a month to do was accomplished in a little more than a week. We worked till we woke up in the morning until after dinner trading off kid duties in order to make everything happen. We have been utterly exhausted. We didn't keep up with YouTube or blogging because their just wasn't anything leftover at the end of the day....and yes I feel appropriately guilty :(

Then Japans Disaster happened....

We watched every second of it unfold with utter horror and helplessness. As disasters often do, it put our lives into a certain perspective. In the wake of so much loss it became really hard to get mad about NOM's antics or any other right wingnut behavior. when so many people had just had their lives literally washed out to sea I couldn't think about anything but dumbfounded awe at the scope of so much tragedy...all of it colored with the knowledge that I live on an active fault line. What happened to Japan could someday happen here just as easily. In addition to that, we were all watching to see if the Dai Ichi nuclear plants were going to melt down....and they still might. The world still still feels balanced on the edge of a knife.

But we mourn, we do what we can to help, and we learn what lessons can be learned...after that, it's time to dust ourselves off and begin to put things back together. So it's time for us to get back to it as well. I still send my prayers out for Japan and know that this will be a time long remembered.

Until next time dear readers....


  1. Fear not, we still love you. I'm glad the reason was renovations, something relatively innocuous (in the greater scheme of things)

  2. Bryan & Jay,

    It's ok! You must keep you and your family whole first. Without order and compassion with all of you, you would not be able to offer much to us. You would be distracted and worried. So if now and then we wait it is ok. Just drop us a note and say hello. :)


  3. Looking forward to reading your blog and seeing new videos.

  4. I understand completely. I dropped off the radar from my own blog for nearly three months because of school. I'm a horrible blogger too. Trying to get back into the mood.

    But yeah, what happened in Japan. I don't even have the stomach to watch the video footage. Cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina was almost too much for me. Japan is on a whole new level, like Sumatra.

  5. Hi Bryan
    And just before the Japan disaster we had the Christchurch Earthquakes happening mind you we have been struggling with them for the last 6 months, then last nite we had another one which I felt where I live, an hour away from Christchurch so Im getting use to my bed shaking now lol