Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You For Voting Us Best Daddy Blog!

I owe everyone who voted at Circle of Moms...and Circle of Moms themselves...a huge thanks for all your efforts. Who would have guessed that daddy blog contest would hold so much drama?!

I have to admit...I am still a little retiscent to claim victory since Circle of Moms has not made an official anouncement. They closed voting due to possible fraudulent voting practices...and that just seemed to be winner anouncement. So I'm left a little nunplussed. But at anyrate, I wanted to thank everyone who put so much effort into helping us win and for showing your support for this blog and it;s harried daddy blogger. Every week we try to bring the best we can while trying to be daddies first and sometimes that's quite a challenge. Thanks for showing the love!

Bryan, Jay and the niblets


  1. Well as far as Im concerned YOU WON Bryan & Im sure everyone else who voted will agree with me so CONGRADS

  2. Fraudulent voting practices? Nah..I am sure it is because you are a same sex couple. My "homophobia internal alarm" is going off... That "alarm" has been far better than my "gaydar" lately....
    Let us know what happens. The Leffews deserve the winning prize-whatever it is!

  3. Congrats for being the top vote getter, Bryan! Like Jim Stone, I'm a bit suspicious of the fraudulent voting practice stopping the vote count. Regardless of what they say the outcome is, you and Jay are winners in my book! -Jim