Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update On The Beating Of Crissy Lee Polis

To clarify...both girls who attacked Crissy Lee Polis have been arrested. The 14 year old is being tried as a juvenile and the 18 year old as an adult. However, what this video does not mention is that McDonalds has issued a statement condemning the incident and is in talks with the Franchise owner about the conduct of his staff. Also, the employee who shot the video and posted it to YouTube and Facebook has been fired.

As an aside, I took heart that the news anchors simply referred to Ms. Polis as a woman. They made no mention or allusions to her trans status. Not even CNN can seem to manage that. But for everyone wondering how Crissy is doing, I will allow her to tell you in her own words....

Happy Easter everyone and....until next time dear readers...


  1. Thank you for posting an update. Your original video showing what happened showed up on my Facebook news feed. What happened to this girl is disgusting. I don't care if someone agrees with a persons lifestyle or not, it is not our place to judge. We're supposed to love our fellow man regardless which includes protecting each other. I'm glad these girls were arrested and hopefully will get what they deserve. In addition to an apology from McDonald's, all persons there that night need fired....not just the one doing the filming...including the manager. Had I been there, I would have probably gotten my butt brutally beat too but I would have had to try to help.

    God Bless,

  2. Kudos to McDonalds for issuing a statement and investigating the incident. I've been pretty fired up about this hate crime all day, after hearing what happened. It was also great to hear that King & Spalding dropped their case, defending the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act. We were prepared to hold a huge protest at King & Spalding here in Atlanta on Tuesday. Activism in the LGBT community is working! We all have to continue to speak out and be seen. Thanks for all that depfox family does!