Saturday, April 9, 2011

Foster Parenting Can Tuff...Saying Goodbye

Day two and I am still at the hospital and may be here until tonight. Meanwhile, the baby went back to his uncles this morning and I'm a little weepy about it. This is the same baby who had me pulling out my hair the first two weeks of his time with us, but I knew that with time would come attachment...and so it was. I will miss him at the same time that I am glad that he is in a good home with family members. Be well baby boy my thoughts are with you...

Talk to you all very soon I hope and...Until next time dear readers...


  1. Hey Bryan

    My thoughts are with you & Jay..... Yea was just thinking one of the many reason I dont think I could be a foster Mum hard on the heart when you have to give them back... but you & Jay are soooo brave & strong for doing this incredible thing for many children out there that need a temp family.... my hat off to you both.....
    Love to you & your family... Congrads 4 winning the competition in the Daddy Blogs :)

  2. Bryan, over and over you show how much a caring and loving person you are. You and Jay step up when others can not. You give children a safe home and a safe place to live and thrive