Friday, July 8, 2011

Blog Update

This is just a note to everyone who may be wondering whats happening and why there haven't been new posts in almost a week. Yikes! I feel like such a bad, bad blogger! Well....It's summer and its time for our annual Big Gay Camping Trip. This year we are headed out to the Russian River to hang out with a few friends and enjoy some of Northern California's many attractions...not to mention being lazy at the river :) Who would guess that preparing to be lazy all week would be so much work!  I have spent most of this week in preparation, which has left little room for blogging.

We will be back up and running by Saturday the 16th and hopefully I will have lots of stories to tell you all. I hope everyone enjoys their summer. Its getting very very hot here and escaping into the redwoods will be a welcome relief. Talk to you all again soon!


  1. Have a great time guys! I do miss your blogging and also family videos, but I guess we will be getting more of that once you are back.

    have fun and be safe!

  2. Don't let Garry near any matches! !! :)

  3. I'm vacationing not too far away, Yosemite and lake tahoe. Have fun! I look forward to your stories.

  4. I hope you had a real great vacation, beautiful weather, people and nature.
    Looking forward to see some videos from the Russian river. I would like to travel there some´s seems to be very beautiful there:) I´m going to a short break into the archipelago this weekend. It will be nice...hope the sun will be on our side:) rain.

  5. Bryan:

    I hope you, Jay and your great family have a wonderful time on vacation. I've been watching your videos now for awhile (more cooking vids, please!) and just found out there was a blog too! Glad to see this and I look forward to more posts from you guys. You both are an inspiration, thanks!