Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Miracles

who needs "Its a Wonderful Life" when you have stories like this one about Jim and Dillon of New York, who recieved some 450 letters addressed to Santa...and answered them. It breaks and warms my heart all at once and shows us that good really does exist in the human spirit. If these guys were angels they would have earned their wings this year. Take a look...

The only thing I could hope for is some way to fullfill more of those letters cause you know this is gonna happen again next year. I just wish they didn't blur out the facebook page because more people could have helped. Anyhow...this video just made my heart grow ten sizes larger. I hope it will do the same for you.

Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays...Until next time every one..


  1. The video made this New Yorker's heart grow ten sizes larger, too, and I sent the NY Times link to my family. ;)

    Hope all of you have fun tomorrow!


  2. There is magic in the world! Thank you for sharing Bryan. :) I shared on my FB.

  3. Guys, did it really happen or was it just a Christmas report for all of us to make these holidays a time for miracles?? I do want to hope it's not just a Christmas fake. Newspapers need to be sold, you know.
    Bryan, do u know these guys? Merry Christmas to you, Jay and the kids.