Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Some of you may celebrate the holiday...others not. But from our family to all of you may you have an awesome day and may the Easter Bunny leave you special...and hopefully edible, surprises!


  1. **********♣♣-♣-♣****
    ****♣♣-------------------♣♣*** *
    ***♣♣----------------------♣♣*  ***
    **♣♣--(\(\----♥----/)/)-----♣♣ ****
    **♣♣--(=':')-------(':'=)----♣ ♣****
    ***♣♣-(..(")(")..(")(")..)---♣  ♣****
    ******♣♣-----Love----♣♣***from Steven of Holebis ♥♂♂,♀♀♥

  2. Happy Easter to you Bryan and your gorgeous family... and to Selena girl power sweetie lol and to Daniel Im glad that Selena beating doesnt make you angry ... To Jay I seriously thinking of making a video for Utube... but Im a little bit K Lots scared about doing one....

  3. Mmmm!! Lapin Dijonais!! Not quite done. LOL!

  4. Is there a maximum number of eggs any one person should be allowed?

    Friends from Germany stayed with me and my family this Easter, and on Sunday their two kids came down to a breakfast table that was so full of easter eggs there was no room for anything else. There were twenty (!!!) for the kids alone, not including bars, bunnies and mini-eggs, and almost as many again for the adults.