Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years everyone. I barely got the time to get on here to today to give these wishes. Jay and I have been dashing aroung getting things for Baby Boy, who made his transition back into our home with flying colors. He is doing awesome and it's like he never left. But the hectic tone of this day just underscores what 2011 was for busy. And 2012 does not look to be any less busy. But however full the new year may be I look forward to experiencing it with my family and with all of you. So no matter where you find yourself tonight, may you have a great night and an incredible new year! See you in 2012!

Until next time dear readers....


  1. Happy New Year!!! (early)

  2. Only recently happened across your blog and videos. You guys put a big smile on my face. Have a super 2012. Best wishes.

  3. I have to tell you that since I first read about baby boy's broken arms I have thought about him several times a day. I am so overwhelmed that he could leave your loving environment and then be put in harm's way - but I am so grateful that he is back in a safe and loving place again.

  4. We'll all be here for you Bry! I can feel in my bones that 2012 is going to be an EXCITING year for you guys.. The "normalcy" of your family is going to outshine the hate. Please give all of the kids a hug..they are in a lucky place. :)

  5. Bryan,

    I am a nineteen year old college student who is currently on her winter break. I have been taking time to watch your videos and the hope that I have for my future grows with each one.

    As a lesbian woman, I worry that one of my biggest dreams in life- having a family- is too far out of my reach. I worry that I won't find a partner or won't be able to have children. Even though I have a really supportive family, I still worry a lot, as you can see. But your videos, which I discovered a few months ago, have made such an impact on me, more than you could ever know and I appreciate them so, so much. You have a fantastic family that I admire and that eases some of my worries about reaching my dreams.

    Anyway, just really wanted to say thank you and that in 2012, I will be praying and hoping that you all have a great year. I know that you will continue to be an inspiring, down-to-earth, real and loving family this year and always. Thanks again!

  6. Happy New Year!
    I am glad that Baby Boy is back in the care of a loving family like the fore of you, though I find the reason for his return disgusting (how could anyone do that to a kid?). I hope things turn out well for Baby Boy, and I know that if you guys have any say in it they will.

    New Years is a time to start over
    New Years is a time to begin
    To take what we've learned
    What we've seen What we've heard,
    To try to move on
    And if we do things again,
    To do so remembering
    All the places we've been

    Happy New Year