Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Batsh-t Crazy

Being immersed in the small circle of gay blogs that I have lately, I have had the opportunity to hear this term alot. In my heartfelt opinion, it accurately describes the state of the good ol' U.S. of A. This blog has and will continue to be primarily about gay issues but I see so much disturbing information lately. Much of it involving the same types of people who would happily strip all my rights away and banish us to an island somewhere, if not put a bullet in our heads...really...Batsh-t crazy! But first lets set the mood with a song that's been bouncing around my head as I read all this stuff...

This is one of the songs my dad played alot when I was growing up. Now, I may not agree with all the lyrics in this song... especially the "dykes and fairies" part but, "tell me where is sanity" Indeed...

We all know that since President Obama was running for office the conservative crowd has done everything possible to diminish the man. Some if this is normal in our political system but the difference is that now its bleeding over into a call to arms. First, They printed pictures of him as an Islamic terrorist and misrepresented him as being an Muslim. To this day, some folks still believe he is an "Arab". Oh better wash your mouth out for saying such a naughty word. Next, the conservative crowd attempted to attack his citizenship by stating that he didn't have a valid U.S. birth certificate. This was proven to be an incorrect accusation.

Then there were the attacks on health care reform....that's a whole pages writing unto itself, but I wont do that to you. In short, This duly elected man has been repeatedly referred to as a communist, marxist and a socialist....really....did you go off your meds today? Because accusations like this only show that they have know idea what those terms really mean. For all the people who have to call fire dept. today or use the library....enjoy your socialism, because that's what your engaging in. And if you want to bandy about accusations of state sponsored attacks on American freedoms you need look no farther than the patriot act. Next time you say "wow...I really bombed on that speech I gave today", just know that it was recorded in an electronic database somewhere. Oh and by the way, I hope you don't have a name similar to an actual terrorist or you end up not being able fly ...anywhere. And I bet all those people locked up in Gitmo under "suspicion" really have alot to say about our "freedom" and "due process of law". Were some of them guilty...yup...but many were not yet were imprisoned anyway. Sound familiar?.....enjoy your freedom comrade! ;D

Now we have the President being called a "Liar" on the floor of Congress in what appears to many to be a "racially motivated" situation. Add to this all the antics of the "teabaggers". Then I see this ABSOLUTELY batsh-t crazy facebook poll: here And this even further insanity posted over at newsmax and reposted at "Pams House Blend" found: here. I won't post the wording here...not only because it is offensive, but because I have no intention of getting flagged. That might a tad difficult to explain to the kids..

Now I don't believe any politician has my best interest at heart and President Obama has shown that he is no exception. None of them have made any substantial moves to secure equal rights for all citizens. I love my nation and all that it stands for. Even when it hasn't lived up to what it states it stands for. I believe, to call for this level of action is nothing other than the most harmful kind of irresponsibility...and in my opinion...batsh-t crazy.

Now add to all this the extreme resistance to the "Marriage Equality" movement being leveled by the Catholic Church, The Mormons, Concerned Women for America, NOM, The Traditional Values Council, And a host of others. The outright lies used to back up what they cannot defend in any way other than a shallow interpretation of scripture. When called out on the lies they use, they eventually admit to them...but then still use them. I could fill several blog posts with examples of just how divorced from reality their arguments are. These groups have whipped up such a fear and hatred against the idea of allowing GLBTQ citizens from having equal treatment under the law, that They feel they have to "take back America" ....FROM WHAT?!! It doesn't belong to only one exclusive group that feels they have a moral obligation to purify the nation. And claiming disenfranchisement isn't going to fly. I'm sorry but slowly losing your ability to discriminate against others does not count as disenfranchisement anyway. I thought the Pledge of Allegiance stated that we are "one nation, indivisible" and that liberty and justice were "for all"?

So the further this debate goes...the nuttier it gets. Everyone has a platform in it. You don't need to check your facts, sight your sources, or show where the money comes from, you just have to say it, and magically, its true.
seriously, isnt this 2009? Sometimes I wonder if we didn't learn some crucial lesson in the 60's and now we are being required to repeat it. Tell me where is sanity indeed.


  1. I´m not a US citizen. Far from it, but I´m insterested a lot in all the political situation that is going on over there.
    When I talk to my frinds that know a bit more of the History of you country, we realice that the words that they use now " socialist, marxicist, etc" comes from the past, when Nixon did a campaing of misinformation, ignorance, that lives to these days.

    But yeah, i´m talking without knowing too much

  2. Everyone has something to add to the dialogue swampy..the point is not to turn it into such a life ending drama. That what alot of people don't understand I think. At the end of they day they are still your neighbor and you will have to live with them. What good can calls for bloodshed do but lead to eventuall bloodshed...its not a good path to walk.

    Believe own father who backs the teabaggers...thinks that the country is headed for something bad. I for one think that taking the issues at hand and blowing them way out of proportion. Does allowing gay marriage REALLY constitute such an unravelling of the American ideal that they feel they have a reason to call for such violence?

    No...of course not.

    And how can the Christian right feel that they have no voice in government when there lobbyists have been driving domestic policy for years?

  3. While one could argue that historical scaremongering has been going on for years-the Red Scare-Communism, I think it's partly to do with the rise of "Entertainment" newschannels. Just look at Fox News talk shows yelling at each other instead of having proper dialogue. The guys like Beck and O'Reilly, etc are entertainers, their ratings and profitability increase the more hysterical and fear mongering they generate and I doubt they believe all that they speak. However, some of their audience might and that's where the problems can start from.
    I sometimes think that the US needs to put some Xanax or Prozac in the water instead of floride. Just kidding.

    Bryan-I'm impressed with 2 kids and housework you can still churn out one or two blogs a day. Multitasker extraordinaire.