Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second Verse, Same As The First

In reading around the bloggosphere this morning I found something that shocked me on "Pams house blend". I would love to share this with you to illustrate my point that the Anti-gay marriage crowd really has no case against gay marriage, just alot of fear mongering. Stand For Marriage Main(SFMM) must have gotten a bulk discount on complete bullsh-t ads because they sure are turning out alot of them. As further proof that they really don't have any substantial case for the rejection of gay marriage I humbly submit this for review...

a recently aired ad by SFMM in rebuttal to the No on 1 campaign:

Previous "Yes on 8" ad aired in California in 2008:

The actress playing the "teacher" changes but they sure are singing the same song. And, as has been pointed out in several blogs, The teacher in the SFMM version is actually Charla Bansley the head of Concerned Women for otherwords, an activist. In Fact, I'm betting even the parents are actors. I'm beginning to think they go to sleep at night quietly chanting this while hugging their shotguns..."its already happened in Massachusetts....its already happened in massachussetts..." The supposed incident in Massachussetts has already been shown to be completely false but thats not stopping it from being repeated here. I guess if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe its true.

Also, Why do they need to deliver their point with actors? Are they not able to find anyone in Massachussetts who's rights have been infringed upon by gay marriage?...Hmmm, go figure...

In our efforts to show the world that gay marriage isn't such a scary thing, the most important part has been showing our lives and who we really are so that people understand just exactly who this law effects. The more people get to know us the more they can see gay people as a part of the "us" instead of the "them". But the opposing side has never been clear about presenting their case with actual people, or used actual circumstances to demonstrate why opposition to gay marriage has merit. The only face you will see are a handfull of well trained talking heads that can only repeat the script..not actually discuss it when reasonable criticism is presented. Even Their meetings are held behind closed doors. Clearly they cannot handle such close scrutiny or that would not be neccesary.

At any rate its yet another example of their "copy, paste, repeat" tactics...Au Revior my friends


  1. The Mass. couple from those ads aren't really "innocent" parents or actors. They are Christian activists- part of MassResistance who moved to the school system precisely to sue over the "different families" curriculam in the state school system. Besides, the husband's grandfather just happened to be a head bigwig in the Morman church. Surprise, surprise.

    For more on the Wirthlins see the link:

  2. thanks for the update heatherfeather!

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