Thursday, September 10, 2009

Go Hug Your Children

I know this video is a little random coming, as it does, from the outer planes of Youtube but its message is a good one... It just goes to show that we as parents sometimes worry to much about what our children do and how they will turn out. I know my parents probably figured out I was gay when I would disco dance in the living room when "Dance Fever" was on in the 70's and dont get me started on roller disco and Xanadu. The only only question is... why didnt they tell me?...I wouldnt have wasted all that time trying to be straight. But I guess this video proves me wrong...


  1. This TV ad suggests that sexual orientation is a choice. Which we both know is not a fact. You can't choose to be gay or straight but you can choose a prefered brand of condoms.

  2. Watch this for the 2nd time and it's still funny! LOL