Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Real Defense of Marriage

Once again Rachel Maddow tells an Inconvenient truth...

Divorce rates down you say? still not falling you say? a gay person I can't helped but be underwhelmed by this announcement. I feel like saying "well duh! Thats what happens when you let people who truly want to be married do so."

Says Maddow," The rate of divorces in Massachusetts was 2.3 percent per thousand when gay people started getting married in Massachusetts. The rate of divorces is now down even further to 2.0 percent per thousand. That's the lowest divorce rate in the country. In fact, Massachusetts divorce rates are now down to...pre world war II levels...1940.."

Wait, what?!...If I expected the world not to end because gay marriage was made legal, I sure didn't expect this. World War II levels? I guess that's what happens when you let a people that have dreamed of making a commitment to the one they loved all there lives, finally do it. I truly believe that "being married" means something a tiny bit different to a gay person....Kind of like a drink of water means a tiny bit more to a man who just crawled through the desert wearing a black plastic sweatsuit.

Gay marriage has been legal now in Massachusetts for close to seven years. I guess the rest of the country now has a reasonable model to look at to see the consequences of allowing gays to marry. So they can all stop quaking in their boots now. I watch this and see another conservative mistruth about us bite the dust.


  1. You are so right, Brian. You should post this on your youtube account by the way, I think everyone should see this. I mean, the amount of trouble gay people have to go through to get married, why do it unless you're REALLY going to stay together forever?

  2. Hi Bryan Im going though all your older post ...I am finding them really interesting reading... so cos there are a lot I wont comment on all of them but know I am slowly reading though them....