Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keeping My Promise...Gay Like You

Awhile back I made a promise to a friend. We were contacted on Youtube to do an interview with a really nice blogger working out of Peru by the name of Antonio. We don't get alot of requests for interviews so when we do we generally accept. What followed was a lengthy conversation between Antonio and us regarding gay parenthood, and our online activism. After finally completing the questions and going back and forth we were asked to help put the word out about his blog and I heartily agreed. Then life when crazy and I could barely post on my own blog, but now I get to keep that promise....

Its difficult to blog into the nothingness. Not knowing where your words go or if anyone will ever see them. That's how I feel every time I write. So I agreed to put the word out.

Also I think that the more voices that are out there telling our stories as GLBT people and supporting the community, the better for all. How much more awesome is it to be having these conversations with someone half a world away. That's how I felt in talking with Antonio. I have to confess complete ignorance when thinking about the lives of GLBTQ people living in Latin America, and specifically, Peru. However, Antonio was an upbeat and positive guy and made it really easy to share our story with him. "Gay Like You covers" all kinds of topics of gay interest from everywhere...not only Latin American interest. We were honored to have been included. Thank you Antonio..

I will especially recommend his blog if you live in that region, as I believe its always important to hear familiar voices and to be able to discuss whats going on in your own "back yard", as it were. And yes I know there are tons of Latin American bloggers...please don't bust my chops...if you know someone special, let us know.

Check out "Gay Like You" here:


  1. Thanks. I know A lot of blogs in latin america ( ebing from argentina and all) but all of them are in spanish.

  2. Oh and you a good job keeping de blog up and running. Not everyone can post every day, at every minute, You have kids for Zeus sake.

  3. I think that it is interesting that people in other countries that speak other languages are picking up on you guys.. WOW!!!! What a can of worms you have opened!! LOL!

    So proud of you here!

  4. Hi guys!
    I appreciate your words about me and my job and the interview very much. As a Latin America blooger doing an english blog I will keep my work trying to get a new side of gay community and showing people specially straight that we are poeople like everybody else with all kind of things that make humans being humans.

    I am glad and happy for your courage to speaks out and try to make a change. That's a challenge.

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