Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Defense of What Exactly?

Alright everyone...Its put up or shut up time. Todays the day Jeremy Nadler(D NYC) puts his money were his mouth is... ...Today he introduces the "Respect For Marriage Act" to congress. A bill that will repeal both parts of the "Defense Of Marriage Act".

This is congress's chance to make right the wrong done to all gay americans. Will they take it?...the pessimist in me took five minutes from kicking my inner optimists ass to say "probably not". That doesn't mean a thing though. I remember the day I heard the announcement that the California supreme court had first ruled gay marriages legal....I wouldnt have expected that to happen either...but it did. I was floored.

The lack of congressional support for the bill is one reason for its expected failure. That lack of support itself derives from the fact that, with DOMA"s repeal, states will be forced to recognize marriages performed in other states...yup those homo ones too. The opposing argument sis that this tramples states rights but we all know the core of the issue is gay marriage or there would be no issue. Aside from those congressmen that are truly against gay marriage for their own principles, the rest of the lot simple dont have enough courage to be seen taking a stand for the rights of gay americans....Whats new. So again I ask, "Defense of WHAT exactly"? Defense of their own behinds apparently.

Jay and I tackled the subject in video above. I for one am tired of everyone passing the buck off to everyone else to solve (*cough*obama*cough*) instead of coming out in clear support or clear opposition. Also, I give respect to Congressman Nadler for pushing the issue forward when other prominant gay politicians won't and for making it a full repeal..no compromise.

To Barney Frank, who did not sign on to the bill because he said it had "not a chance in hell of winning" I say, "so What?!" So you only risk yourself when your sure of winning? How often does that happen? Can't we all stand together as One GLBT community on this ...even if it loses..then try again later?

Its the same issue with the gay orginazations that are dogging Cleve Jones and the "National Equality March". Whats the big deal? The March isn't for Mr. Jones benefit, its for all of us to make our voices heard...to show up on the steps of washington and let them know that it is no longer acceptable for us to be relegated to second class status. That the days of looking down on gay people, even indirectly, are over.

In essence, whats going on in both of these instances is the gay community cannibalizing itself and for what....personal issues mainly. One thinks the other is persuing the wrong track to push forward the common goal of gay rights and marriage equality...huh?...That goal itself should be more important than your assement of its chances.

I believe everyone may be secretly waiting for a modern day stonewall...for some OTHER queers to get angry enough to take that stand and not back down. That may never happen. This fight may not be as gritty, viseral, and violent as that one was. It may only ever be fought in the halls of power, to the banging of gavels. But sitting around waiting for someone else to stand up for us is a mistake. especially relying on a president that has always shown ambivalence to our cause. We have to make our own stonewall. Jay and myself have picked our stonewall in putting our family online in such a public way. But...that in no way means that we will not support other groups in their efforts to advance the same cause. Now stop fighting each other and go support someone even if you don't agree with how they are doing it.

Follow this link to support the repeal of DOMA and to let your government representatives know where you stand:


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  1. You said what needed to be said. Can't add to that.