Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small Voices

Hello everyone,

My blogging is sporadic lately which is giving me all kinds of blogger guilt. I have to say though, we've entered another lame news cycle of talking heads nattering on about why a DADT repeal is likely and the anti-gay activists going on and on about how ENDA will let men into the womens bathroom...yada yada yada. Not much that makes my ears perk up as if something of interest was actually happening....except this...

His voice is small...but soul is large. He's got more courage than the whole of congress...thats why he's my hero.


  1. I like the look of this Kid's mom and dad. His dad looks really American, you never get anyone looking like that over here.

    Must.... stop..... making.... inane.... comments....

  2. What I think is so weirdly odd about the entire fight for LGBT rights is that the opposition keeps dragging out the same arguments. Gay marriage will end marriage as we know it, erode our morals, cripple our country. These same arguments were dragged out for inter-racial marriage. And now they are recycling the men in women's bathroom from the ERA movement of the 70's. Well, at least they are thrifty...

    I have seen this young hero before on the tv, and thought what a wonderful person he is. But haven't seen this video before, so thank you for showing us.