Thursday, September 17, 2009

Copy...Paste....Repeat...Maine Marriage Equality

The same fine, upstanding, and ever so truthfull folks that ran the Misinformation juggernaut of California's Yes on 8 Campaign launched the first salvo in the fight for marriage equality in Maine...

Hang on....Is this really their new campaign or did I just accidentally get an old Yes on 8 ad from California? Nope....This is Maines newest "Yes on 1" T.V. ad. So... we can see that they are continuing their clear standard of truth telling and presenting there case if a clear and transparent way.......WRONG! This is exactly the same tired lies used in California to scare the populace into thinking that voting to grant gay marriage will tear apart the fabric of society. Also the statement the Gentleman makes about Mainers "having to accept it whether they want to or not" is a clear dig at Gavin Newsoms Prop 8 comments and meant to inpire the same moral indignation they tried to achieve last time. Its copy and paste, almost word for word. Lie for Lie.

I've heard a great deal about the character of the people of Maine and how they wont stand for an outsider "telling them what to do". I have no doubt that thats true... but I offer one caution....don't rely on that. Heres why...

During the Campaign for Prop. 8 here in California I thought that even if the fight were close, surely the people of California were fair minded enough to see this as the civil rights issue that it is and defeat it...right? After all this is a typically liberal state, what could go wrong?...heh...In a matter of a few weeks I had that nice little illusion stripped away. I will never forget that election night watching Barack obama accept the office of President of the United States. As we were watching this speach, the electtion results saying that Proposition 8 had been upheld scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

And here we were...listening to Barack Obama offering this stirring speach about how the promise of America had been realized, with the flag flying majestically in the backround, and tears streaming down the faces of the people in the audience. Jay and I had tears too, but not because America's promise had been realized...because it had failed. I was full of Anger and sadness that had no place to express itself. As he spoke so eloquently all I could think of was,"Bullsh-t!... The promise of America is fulfilled...unless you are gay!"

All of this occured thanks to the people that were able to whip the California voters into a fearfull frenzy through ads like the one they are now airing in Maine....and because we in California didn't think It could happen to us. Maine...don't let this happen to you.

But there is a new hope....

While the No on 8 Campaign was not particularly effective. It seems like Maines No on 1 Campaign may have learned from some of our mistakes. This ad popped up IMMEDIATELY after the anti-gay marriage one did. Their lies...countered with truth here...

California's No on 8 adds were so vague. I dont think I ever recall seeing the face of an actually gay person in any of them...let alone any gay families. Maine Is showing some gay faces and thats good. I just hope they don't worry too much about scaring away "the people on the fence" and just tell the truth. Show our faces, tell our stories and show Mainers and the world the real consequence of voting on the civil rights of other Americans.

If the failure of California's gay marriage campaign can be said to have any positive outcome. Let it be that other states will have learned from our mistakes. Lets stand up and support the people of Maine as fellow Americans. Lets let the Anti-gay marriage media juggernaut know that we are not sleeping. We will stand with you.

you can help support Maines marriage equality struggle at:

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    Great blog - luv it!

    I don't know why the US gay community continues to let itself be attacked by these idiots. You have to fight fire with fire. Whatever they throw at us give it back to them two fold.

    I'm Australian but I see what is going on over there and it's like you've given up on the fight - playing nicey nicey won't get you anywhere as fear campaigns seem to always work.

    You guys also need to understand that in countries like Australia where gay marriage is likely decades away we're waiting for you to succeed so it can also give us momentum to fight for these rights as well. This fight is not just about you as Americans, but, it is about the rest of the world which is why you need to fight smarter and hit back whenever they throw shit at you. Everytime the mormons attack, attack them back. Let's not forget about the continuous stories of mormon "sub-cults" worldwide or the preachers with more than one wife or indeed the preachers who are filthy child molesters.

    Fear campaigns work and in Australia we know that more than most which is why it is critical you fight their attempts at trying to win by fear with either the same in kind or making people see what it really is - fear mongering.

    Again, luv reading your blogs. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Franky,
    Where the other side arguments fall apart, in my opinion, is when they DO repeat themselves. The old addage "repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true",...isn't true. Mainers have lots of examples now of states that have allowed same sex marriage to see that actuall consequences. So repeating those lies actually shows the anti-gay marriage camp for what they are...Purveyors of fear and misinformation.
    Don't believe that we have given up the fight. It just seems that it took people a while to wake up and realize that they really did need to fight and not assume that things are gonna go your way because its California or Maine, two very progressive states.
    Lastly, I hope that one day we CAN give yo that momentum. It seems that we are taking our own momentum from the rest of the nations that have already passed gay marriage. who knows?...mayby one day we will take our momentum from you...