Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Equality Council...Going Places

Oh yes, We went a LOT of places this month and we are pooped!....One of those places was to Los Angeles to attend the Family Equality Councils annual award and fundraiser event. This year, We were one of the recipients of the FEC's achievement awards for our work on Youtube. It was an incredible honor.

But...first things first...the photos...we met with the wonderful folks of the Family Equality council for a few photo oportunities...

The Family Equality Council event Chairs and us:

Leah Thompson of "Back To the Future fame", Jennifer Chrisler of the FEC, and Wanda Sykes:

Wanda Sykes and the Leffew Family!:

At the event we also got to meet a very nice couple from youtube who drove up to attend the event. John and Javier were great fun to talk to and helped make us not quite so nervous about being in a room full of strangers....well, at least my phobic butt anyway. It was them who we have to thank for much of the footage of this event along with our good Friend Wolfie who drove down with us. John and Javier also brought the kids gifts which was a very nice thing to do and helped a little in bribing the Thank you John and Javier for being so much fun to hang out with.

yours truly had to deliver the acceptance speach....I shook like a leaf, I kid you not....but see for yourself:

I can't tell you the great sigh of relief I gave when this was

Anxiety aside, we knew what a great honor we were being given. I can not think of any other reason to get my butt on that stage then to express my love for my family and to uphold right for others to build their families and have them treated equally under the law. We would very much like to Thank the Familiy Equality Council not only for giving us this award but for making our stay in L.A. fabulous. We also would love to thank everyone at Studio DNA for treating us like celebrities and making us look our best. That alone was a fabulous experience.

Following us was Sam Harris who gave a great performance. What a big voice! of which we have photos and video. I would love to post that part of the video but we need Mr. Harris's permission first. Maybe that will be upcoming.

And Finally...Wanda! We got the chance to take photos and talk to Wanda Sykes before she gave her acceptance speech. She is really a tiny lady! But big things come in small packages because she was also very patient and gracious with everyone making demands on her time and attention. We got to have a couple of minutes with her right before her speech:

After it all was said and done, the kids were exhausted and it was time to go. They had put up with alot and were extrememly well behaved...I could not have asked for more of them.

We began saying our good buys to the great people of the Family Equality Council and on the way managed to meet some more fantastic people like Amy Yasbeck who fell in love with Selena's shoes!:

We said goodbye to our good friends John and Javier and began the walk back to where we parked our car. Waiting for the elevator we noticed a lovely lady hunting for the elevator as well. I knew who she was from her films and I had noticed ehr in the crowd but didn't want to go all geeky fanboy so we played it lowkey(yeah right)...still I must of stared a bit too much. Finally it was jay who spoke up and tolk Leah thompson what a great actress she is and how nice it is to meet her. She really is a gracious and lovely lady. I cant believe we had the opportunity to meet all these great people!

finally... we made it back to our hotel and took off our monkey suits...Whew! It was a beautiful night and a wonderfull experience. Now time to get back to work!

Goodnight George....Goodnight Gracie...


  1. I´m so glad for you guys, you both deserve it and you looked handsome as hel.

    I´m so happy for you ^^
    And the brown tuxs you mentioned were nice, but you where more my style, and you DO have new hair cut I´m 95 % sure about it.

    The pictures are so cure

  2. Thank you Bryan for sharing both your videos and pictures of the big night. Your family looked very GQ and I and Amy Y. seem to both love Selena's ruby shoes! I consider myself quite the cynic but your speech and video made me misty-eyed. Simply lovely..and if you didn't tell us I'd be hard pressed to say you were overly nervous on stage. But if it were me, I'd have had something stronger to drink after making a speech in front of a crowd of that size!

    Wow, Wanda's a pretty petite lady but she has such a large presence..and I'm jealous/in awe of how Lea Thompson never seems to have aged much from the 1980s. I think it's wonderful that your children, especially Daniel, are learning that in order to make a better world, sometimes individuals have to make the first step.

    Finally, just want to say your blog and videos have become a favorite. Even though I haven't met you in person and no matter how crappy a day, your videos and blog make me think and feel a little better about the world.


  3. I was very excited to hear that you received this award. Thank you for the work you are doing in the softening of hearts and the opening of minds.

    Congratulations Leffew family, you deserve it!

  4. Your family has had a long month for sure! You most certainly deserved your reward for your work , you reach out to so many people.

    Congratulations again, and keep up your wonderful work.

  5. the last pic is so cute. You both looked great! i miss my boyfriend. huhu.


  6. Im so happy for your family. :)

  7. That is one of those "lifetime" experiences that you will carry forever. Again..thanks guys! ;)

  8. Message for Jay: DAMN, but you look all hot & horny in a suit! You should wear them more often ;-) In fact both of you look like movie stars, not a cop and a hausherr.

  9. The last picture is my favorite! That and the one of Selena's fabulous shoes! :)
    Kim from mykiskoart

  10. @ Sama...Thanks Sama. I wish that meant we could settle down is soooooo busy these days... :P