Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!...What Are YOU Doing This Year?

Well here we are again at another favorite holiday...and yet again I am not dressing up or hosting a party....*Sigh*...that makes the victims sooo much harder to come by...

But first lets set the mood......

Cheery, Don't you think?

Now that the little monsters Halloween costumes are worked out, the work week is done, and all of the kids school halloween carnivals are over I finally get a little "dead" time to sit back and enjoy the holiday.

This the sun sinks below the hills and the gloom falls...we will take our little goblins out to poison the neighbo....I mean trick or treat. The kids always have a scream and make a rediculous haul. Its always a challenge every year to figure out what to do with the bod...I mean...all that candy.

Our dear little monster Selena though, still has a fear of people in masks and wont go near anyone whose face she can't see. Poor Dear...I offered to remove their heads but that doesn't seem to comfort her much. However, every year she charms the living daylights out of everyone. And Daniel Doesn't mind lurking when all the goodies are getting handed out!

Its so difficult to get them to say "Trick or Treat!" though. so I imagine its a little like 'Children of the Corn' when you open the door and find two little children boring holes into your head with their eyes and expecting candy. We're still working on that mind least they dont actually bore holes in peoples heads anymore...that was so hard to explain the next day.

After a long night of haunting the nieghborhood we are all about to expire. So its time to return to the, home. The kids go into mediation over whose candy is whose and Jay and I can resume our plotting on how to unravel traditional marriage and subvert American society.

We're just Dying to know how you spent YOUR Halloween! Drop us a line and let us know how you got into the "spirit" of the carefull with those spirits though....You can lose your head....


  1. excessive amounts of work to do sadly, so learning about cranial nerves curled up in bed. Maybe next year I'll actually get a chance to get into the spirit of Halloween and venture out into the cold.

  2. Trick or treating isn't very big here but it is dark and started already.

    We have had 6 people so far, four young teenagers and two little kids. The little kids were so scared they couldn't even say anything. I offered them loads of sweets and they had to be prodded to take more than one little one each.

    We normally go to a party but our noone wanted one this year, all of our friends have tiny newborn babies and aren't up for it :(

  3. I want to know how gremblins affected the kids. As for me, not much it is not something big here in argentina, the only halloween we know is from movies and stuff like that.
    But I am getting together with friends to watch scary movies tonight not sure wich one but yeah, i love scary movies

  4. @always-been Building a monster eh! Fabulous!

    @orange you know your getting old when all your friends are having babies....don't worry. I'll have Daniel collect my mummification things and we'll begin your....preservation...

  5. I got back from watching my uncle perform in his band about an hour ago (it's half past midnight here). He's a skilled multi-instrumentalist, and tonight was playing the accordion; I've heard him pay it several times before but never as part of a band - it was good fun!

  6. The accordian!...evil minion to my arch nemisis the banjo!

  7. My partner has the SCARIEST mask!! He sat on the front porch and handed out Snickers to a bunch of scared (or not so scared) kids. (I think he needs therapy!)