Monday, October 26, 2009

King And King

Few Claims made by the pro-prop 8 crowd caused more collective sphincters to tighten worse than the claim that homosexuality was being taught to children in public schools. However, anyone with two braincells to rub together knows that it is not NOW, nor EVER WAS true. Having kids in the public school system myself, I can vouch for this. However, one of the most scurilous examples that was used to support this claim was the book, "King and King" by Linda De Haan and Stern Nijland. Get a load of the homo paranoia here:

and this particularly lovely duo of lies from the "yes-on-discrimination-because-we're-scared-of-change" echo chamber. Notice the book on "Moms" lap.

first California:

Now in Maine:

Ready? remember our little chant from "And Tango Makes Three"? Lets do this again....put on your tinfoil hats and chant with me..."Its already happened in Massachussets."...."Its already happened in Massachessets!"

Maybe if we repeat that lie enough we can magically make it true!...You think? It IS all about the children after all...right? and not AT ALL about our inability as human beings to face change...or about our responsibility as parents to inform our own children about what they encounter at school......right?.......Any one?......

King and King was a high profile tool used to scare the pants off christian families and those who sat on the fence concerning marriage equality. The anti-gay crowd wanted you to believe that there is an agenda to "turn kids gay" by reading them stories with positive gay characters in them....oh crud, hang on....

There...thats was I? Ah yes. In an effort to correct the distortions and LIES surrounding this fantastic childrens book, we present a unique cinema experience that actually WILL make fantasy into reality. With further ado...

IN an epic film directed and filmed by Sean Chapin! and Staring The Leffew Family and a cast of thousands! spine tingling Courtly Intrigue!....swoon to Sweeping Romance!...gasp in awe at a film shot with almost no budget at all and nearly five hours in the making!....da da da DA!....oh well, you get it. check out our enactment of the book and tell us whats so scary about it....

Want to read a book?:

Thank you Ladies and Gentlebeings for your kind patronage of our little cinematic endeavor. Please feel free to drop by Sean Chapins Youtube page and let him know what a fabulous job he did in conceptualizing and crafting this video. Also, if you liked the story and would love to support the book, you can pick it up on for a song. well...a ten dollar and eighty seven cent song, plus shipping:

And whats a great story without a sequel?:


  1. Everyone who thinks that Jay is hotter than Bryan when dressed in faux royal getup post here! We love you king Jay!

    Honestly mostly I am a Bryan man but Jay just showed me the error of my ways. He blows Bryan out the water in this vid. He makes him look a fool, a fool.

  2. More seriously there was a similar backlash about a gay childrens book here in the UK in the 80s. It lead to a reactionary law called section 28 which banned the "promotion of homosexuality" in schools. This meant that it was illegal for teachers to confort a child being bullied for being gay for example.

    No-one was ever prosicuted under the act. Indeed the day after it passed the government - realising they had made a mistake - sent a message to all message to all schools saying it was uninforceable. However it was unacceptable to have such homophobic legeslation on the statue.

    It was repealed by a later parliament thank god.

  3. heck it seems better then most Disney movies/fairy tales for kids! there is not even any violence death fighting or any thing.

    I have yet to figure out how parents can think their kids will not/don't know about gay people, heck most peoples kids know more about drugs, sex etc then their parents (given different ages) its not like not talking to your kids about it means they don't know about it, if that's how things worked most of america would not be born (as most parents don't do sex ed talks) there would be almost no on doing drugs (as most parents don't talk about drugs) all that not talking about it dose is tell the kids "hey mom and dad are not comfortable/tolerant of that so don't talk to us if you have issue or need help" what a way to set ones kids up for success in the word. (wonders if that's why he never got in trouble with those kind of things and is actually really close to his mother as she actually talked honestly and openly about all those things!)

  4. I watched it earlier in youtube.

    Have tosay, it rocked, it rocked so mucho i´m trying to get everyone to see it.

    You four looked so handsome.

  5. Amazing. It was great to be a part of it. I too am sharing it with the world. Need to get more copies of the book too!

  6. The more I see those parents, the more absurd they sound. Their son comes home and saysthat it's a funny story-he's not traumatized or shocked. However, the parents are shocked- shocked! that they might have to discuss something "uncomfortable"! Well duh you're a parent. Somehow, the marriage opponents make it sound like they'll have to discuss the mechanics of homosexual sex instead of just acknowledging there are different families.

    The sad part is their kids are going to grow up prejudiced too. I just read about the police cadet who was brutally beaten by a gang of 14-17 yr old youth outside a gay bar. It seems the same shite keeps happening.

    Two thumbs up for your video. I laughed, I cried....;)

  7. Great video boys. I've owned the book for ages. It's great to see it in live action. Kudos to the kids too! They did a fantastic job.

  8. You guys are adorable. And you're doing good work.

  9. I've never once have heard of the story "King and King" until you did this. I have to say, it is beautiful. I've only heard about gay stories being taught by a youtuber who's a major homophobe and a paranoid nut. I have to say, these paranoid opponents of equality have nothing to run on but fear and lies. I wish there's more stories like this. I'm even thinking of doing youtube videos of short kid-friendly gay stories. But that'll be a long time because i'm very poor.

  10. in my college courses there was a mom that i just wanted to throttle.she actually justified her homophobia and closed mind by saying 'i dont want to have to explain it to my child.' i was blown away by her cowardice and greatly reminded why i firmly believe some people should not breed. i am saddened that her children will grow up dealing with that and i genuinely hope that her children drag her kicking and screaming into the land of reality. i wondered what is she gonna do if her son comes screaming in pain at her because something is wrong in his not sure she can have the adult conversation necessary to resolve the problem. i hope she can grab up her 'mommy'-not her own mom but her inner loving parent that will do whatever needs to be done to protect and raise her child- and figure it out.

  11. unfortunately too many people do not know the difference between taught curricula and merely answering a question. yes they do go hand in hand but parents still have a far greater influence than schools if they will choose to actually raise their kids. which bryan -i hate the 'y' my name gets that all the time and its wrong!! for me- and jay are doing and obviously quite admirably.