Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Is What America Means...A Must See

O.K....wiping the tears out of my eyes now...bear with me...

In so much debate about gay rights we are often made to feel evil by the church and unamerican by conservatives. This man, in his own small but powerful way has stated why we all should hold our heads high as full American citizens and live with dignity...because that's what our country is supposed to be about. It is what so many died to defend...the right for EVERYONE to complete and equal freedoms and protection under the law. Anything less cheapens the sacrifices of men like Phillip Spooner. He just made me proud to be an American again...

Please spread this mans words as far and wide as you can. Post it in blogs. show it to your friends. Shout it from the rooftops...explain it to your dog...whatever you can do. This needs to be heard far and wide.


  1. You should be proud to be am American, for all the missteps America has taken. The USA took the anglo saxon concept of individual rights and based the next stage of civilisation on them.

    It has been blind to holes in this vision in the past. A nation born out of the concept of freedom that had slaves for example.

    But it has always got over them in then end. It got over racism and will get over the passion for homophobia.

  2. That was amazing! Weird though that it takes a man like that, to put everything into perspective, this whole issue is just too easily turned on it's head. Wow, thanks for sharing that!