Friday, October 23, 2009

Sam Harris...Free

Can many of us remember back when we where young and watching Star search? Ed McMahon hosted many acts that are still going strong today. When I was young I watched along with my family even though I groused because it was seriously cutting into my cartoon time...yes this was the 80's and this was the American Idol of our day. Many very famous people came from Star Search including Rosie O'Donnell, Britney spears, Sharon Stone, Dave Chappell, and one singer in particular that we had the opportunity to meet...Sam Harris.

Sam Harris was the very FIRST winner of Star Search back in 1983. Who could have guessed then in the days when there were NO gay role models that the man I was looking at then was gay? He was rather young though so who knows if he even knew about himself? Check it out for yourself and forgive the was the 80's and you know you looked that way too...except for you nooblets who weren't born yet...:P

We got to meet Sam at the Family Equality Council Awards dinner where he entertained the crowd and made all of us a little weepy...especially jay...big softy that he is.
Here is the video he shot at the Family Equality Council dinner that has a different take on us and Wanda Sykes:

Please Check out Sam's new album "Free" which you can pick up on our GFV reviews page here.

Thank you Sam for honoring our Family in your video and on your was truly a pleasure to meet you and hear your gift to the world.

P.S....give your new little one a kiss from us..


  1. Saw that video this morning before coming to work. Made me chuckle. They should have left the ooo ooo oooooos in.

    Bryan I am not sure you should be encouraging people to kiss thier "little ones". That is the way to back problems.

  2. I loved Jays cameo in 4:33 I loled at that XD

    I will definetly che this guy out. Nice voice

  3. Jay and Bryan -
    Such a pleasure to meet you too.
    Congratulations on being recognized for the work you are doing - putting yourself out there for everyone to see a great American family.
    I think we have more work to do together.
    With love and admiration,