Thursday, October 29, 2009

Would Someone Please Email Me A Copy Of The Masterplan

I Don't know about anyone else but my copy of the "Homosexual Agenda" never arrived. No shadowy figure EVER handed me and envelope with "Master Plan" written on it but you'd never guess that from this ad From "Yes On 1":

WOW...I had no idea we were so well organized...

But while I'm waiting on my contact to deliver another copy of the secret agenda, lets take this apart, shall we?....

Gay activists throughout the nation are pushing homosexual marriage across New England.

Translation: Fair mindedness and equality are spreading into Maine from surrounding areas but its just easier for us to blame and vilify all gay people as "activists".

They've poured over Four Million dollars into Maine and...

Really?...Four Million...That's soooo awesome. especially since Every Dime...litterally...every cent that "No On 1" has received has come from the pocketbooks of everyday people that probably could have used that money for something else. "No On 1"s contributions have come from regular people...Not so "Yes On 1"s campaign who received a great deal of their money from the National Organization for Marriage, the Catholic church, and other high profile anti-gay lobbying groups. Which is Why the "Yes ON 1" campaign doesn't want its donors list revealed. How much have anti-gay special interest groups poured into Maine?...Hmmm?

One of the gripes we, as gay people, have had with our large organizations (HRC anyone?) is that they have NOT gotten involved in individual states fights for marriage equality. Did they donate?...yes...but not anywhere near the amount of money that the other side received from their large benefactors. That has been rather a thorn in HRC's side...why are they not helping?....still no answer to that.

they're already pushing their agenda in Maine Schools. "No On 1" leaders are behind and official Maine commission report recommending gay teachers come out at school as a role model to students.

Really?...Maybe that's where my copy of the agenda went! And If your a gay teacher or a gay anything, it aught to be alright to come out without fear of a good ol' fashioned "burning at the stake"...dontcha think? The point of coming out as a teacher is not to turn kids gay...which is an impossibility by the way...but to let them live the same healthy life all of us should be afforded. And perhaps to be a role model for the gay kids that are ALREADY in schools and...quite frankly, already gay too. Our history is littered with stories of their suicides...haven't enough of our children died by their own hand for us to realize that making them suffer in silence is a mistake?!!

They want gay friendly books in daycare facilities

This is another of those fear inducing quotes meant to make all gay people look as if we are out to convert children to gayness from birth. Instead...perhaps there are gay families attending those same preschools who would like to have their family acknowledged in the same manner that heterosexual families are...and stories are a part of that. I know my four and half year old daughter would love to sit down with a copy of "King and King" which would still somehow morph into a story about Cinderella and Prince Charming anyway....considering Preschoolers DON'T' KNOW HOW TO READ!

and to appoint gay advocates in every school building.

Oops...this must be the gay gestapo right?...perhaps this could also be a single person whose job it would also be to answer the phones, give out hall passes, serve lunch, or...maybe...I don't know...teach? Because many of the types of people who do the job of liaison are already doing many other jobs in the school system because budget restrictions force schools to make their employees wear many hats.

Also, if there is a sympathetic ear for a gay kid to talk to, so he doesn't hang himself isn't that a good thing?! This persons job is not homosexual thought police, it is to make sure that the needs of gay kids, already out there, are getting met.

Its already happened here, don't be fooled!

Be afraid!...Be very very afraid!....that way you won't think clearly and will vote anyway we point you.

Gay marriage WILL be taught in Maine schools unless we vote yes on question 1!

Acknowledging the existence and right to common respect and courtesy for ALL people is what is taught in schools and that is being taught right now. In that regard this ad is correct and voting on marriage equality effects that not one bit. But in the assertion that homosexuality is being forced on children as an option for them is complete bullsh-t. So the Mantra "Its already happened in Massachusetts!" has been applied to Maine. Again...they are using the pressure to be afraid. They want you to be afraid of gays because they want you to believe we are out to get the children...or out to destroy marriage...or unravel American society. Kind of like "SPECTOR" from James Bond.

I guess in the absence of someone to fear outside (Communist Russia, The Taliban, Al Qaida) we are turning that manic fear in on ourselves.

Don't let it happen people..."A house divided cannot stand"


  1. I have a copy.

    1. Kiss a man
    2. Tell some kids girls are mean
    3. Subtly try to break up some marriages
    4. Touch a penis
    5. Dye your hair an unnatural colour
    6. Become an atheist
    7. Become a teacher in school and try to convert the children
    8. Make pact with the devil
    9. Burn some churches
    10. Bum someone
    11. Kill Pat Buchanan

  2. God only knows how I manage to spread the homosexual agenda seeing as I'm not entitled to a copy of it. I guess I just round up the children and then dump them on the homosexual activists to be converted.

    @orangegoblin82 - I'm pretty sure no 12 is make illegal opposite sex marriage. I keep hearing about how the radical gay 'rights' activists are looking to destroy marriage, so presumably trying to force everyone to get married to someone of the same sex. I'd better hurry up and find someone to marry before the homosexuals take over.

  3. @always-been --> Once Pat Buchanan is dead heterosexual society will crumble and the end of days will come.

    Didn't you know that Elton John is two of the hour horsemen of the apocalypse?

  4. I think Cher is one of the others, pestilence I think...

  5. gentlmen some decorum please...

    and really...#4 touch a penis.

    Is that all it takes? if thats true EVERY man is gay by virtue of "self abuse".

  6. mmmmmmm self abuse

  7. @orangegoblin82 Elton John but be really really scary if he manages to be 2 all on his own.

    I'm pretty sure Obama's gotta be one of the 4 horsemen - anyone who manages to be a Muslim Nazi socialist all at once has to be!

    I'm sure the end of days will be fabulous if it comes after heterosexual society crumbles.

    The tragic thing is how funny the ridiculous stories spun by the far right are... just as soon as you ignore that they're deadly serious. Leaving my nice rational British cocoon for a few months in rural Ohio was a rude awakening of that for me. Couldn't quite believe some of the stuff coming out of otherwise intelligent people.

  8. @ always-been

    I know it is actually crazy. I can't believe some of the adds I see on You Tube that they have on TV over there.

    The worst I have ever seen on British TV was Anne Widdicombe saying that while homosexuals should be free to love their lives as they wish the government shouldn't encourage them by giving them marriage rights.

    I think if she was in the USA she would be considered a liberal by some.

    Sometimes I do feel lucky to be British.

    Sorry for all the American bashing in this post Bryan!

  9. dude I have a copy, that is different from orange goblin.

    Is mostly destroing the world by turn everyone gay so we cannot reproduce, then we die, the aliens came and gave me that list

  10. @Orangegoblin82 Anne Widdecombe is MP for the town I went to school in. It's a source of constant embarrassment for me. But you're right, she does seem liberal by comparison.

  11. I grew up in a family FULL of right wing conspiricy theorists so...I know crazy when I see it. It feels just like home...Ahhhh

  12. Ok since you asked here is the full agenda for you

  13. You what is funny, that the right wings actually made the agenda for us, so now the only thing we have to do is just follow their instructions

  14. I was actually COMPLETELY offended till I figures out it was a satire

  15. I knew they forgot to give me something not only did I not the the toaster oven I did not get the agenda! I wonder where I go to get a new copy.

    on the serious side very good post! I wish more people point out the lies. Maybe its time for a Colbert word of the day segment staring Main like his one on Washingtion.

  16. Im crossing my fingers for 'No on 1'in Maine for tomorrow (and the 'yes in Washington'). Just like with prop 8, I will be horrified and pained if both wont get through. Good luck people.