Monday, August 30, 2010

Separate Is Never Equal

Sean Chapin has done it again with a great video highlighting the unequal status of of civil unions...and virtually anything that is separate from fully recognized marriage. Check it out...

I know there are those who do not approve of this analogy, but I still think it holds true. My only question is, did he find a fountain that sprays backwards(probably not hard) or did he "modify" one? Either way, thanks Sean...

Visit Youtube to see more of Sean Chapin here.


  1. Thanks!! We actually didn't know that the middle fountain did that, and when we saw it do that when we got there, we all laughed and high-fived each other for stumbling into this humor goldmine (as it turns out, the middle fountain is meant to fill up water bottles). Can't wait to do another video with you all!

  2. Loved the video, thanks for posting that. And while some people dont think the analogy fits, it honestly does. Because any time we divide our citizens into the haves and the have nots when it comes to freedoms, civil rights, or protection. LBGT's lack of civil rights is as clear and divisive as the dark ages of our country before the civil rights act.

    Until we are all free and protected, no one is.

  3. I have a quick question: What is the third drinking fountain used for? Is it for Dogs perhaps? It appears so short I can't even imagine what type of human would be able to drink out of it...

  4. it is for dogs actually