Monday, November 30, 2009

Finding A Reason To Smile

The world is full of nothing but bad news...sad news, and the weight of it all can be too much to hold sometimes. I just got an email from an Argentine friend that the marriage of Jose Maria Di Bello and his partner, Alex Freyre may just have been permanently tanked. so this is my thread for music that makes us smile when you'd rather cry....please feel free to turn it up.

Its no coincidence that during the harshest years of World War II came some very excstatic and hopefull music. When times are difficult it does us no good to look outward to all thats wrong in the world, we need to look a little closer to home to the little things that bring us joy...more after the fold.

So, As I cook dinner tonight I will be listening to whatever makes me sing badly at the top of my lungs and laugh at myself. Maybe we can all do the something similar. If you don't like my picks...please feel free to share your own.

on tonights playlist are two current favorites. First is posted above. Its a classic from ELO off the Xanadu soundtrack...which I want to have played when I die. (It was a big influence to this skinny 10 year old way back in the day!)

and next is a song from Booty Luv that I always thought would be cool to film different YouTubers dancing to and clip them all together....silly I know..

Your turn...

ooohh!...maybe I'll dig out my Rocky Horror Picture show and timewarp next!


  1. I spend a day away from the computer and you post 2 times, if this is the first post I WIN GOBLIN, if not, what the hell.

    I just learned about the marriage, hell with this and the bill on hiatus until next year i have a lot of wishes to make on new years

    Oh btw,since a few months now i´m just rocking out to Glee most of the times

    Barenaked ladies and Smash mouth share the 2 post

  2. Shame on bigots in Argentina. I had no idea.

    Now to music.
    @Swampy, I like Glee music, too. And I don't care if it's supposed to be too pop. I just like it. I've got many songs from the show that I listen to all the time... and sing... at the top of my lungs, just like Bry said.
    Just a couple of hours ago I was listening to "Endless love"... and singing... I love it. I know, it's a cliché but I want this song for the opening dance at my own wedding :) better yet, dancing & singing at the same time!

    @Bryan, it's creepy that you think about the music for your funeral... I actually did this myself when I was going to die a year ago. I chose "A Good Lighter" from re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, it always made me cry and really expressed what I felt.

    But, we are gays, and "gay" means "gleeful", "joyful", "merry", "cheerful", "jolly". And I think it's not a coincidence. For this is what makes us overcome everything. Let's be joyful and let's bring joy to everyone else like we have been doing for centuries and like we well be doing for centuries to come!

  3. @musical for the funerals, I have My WHOLE funeral planned out.

    First of all is going to be in some place to celebrat kids birthday parties, My coffin is going to be where all the color balls are ( don´t know the name in english here is Pelotero)

    And the music? Ghostbusters theme, ALL THE TIME, so I can annoy people from beyond. I have to be dressed with My Superboy T shirt, and my jean shorts ( not short shorts, those long knee shorts) with my black leather boots.

    Oh, and all the people has to come with the Ghostbuster overall or something similar.
    Then I´ll be cremated so I can´t return as a Zombie OR a black lantern.

    Then Dump my ashes to the toilet while singing/Playing Every Day Superhero of Smash Mouth.

    And to let my best friend form mexico to know, a friend of mine will send Mariachis to Sing La Cucaracha, then they´ll tell him I died.

    Man, I can´t wait to die. ( not really but this plas is awesome)

    Not kidding, I already told my family and friends.

  4. I always have a chuckle when you post music you like. You are such an eighties child.

    I can just imagine you roller-skating with hair curtains and black jeans. Probably with a silver motif on your black T-shirt.

  5. Me and Jake will do bits in your dance dance video if you like.

  6. actually it was the #2 bowl haircut. tshirts with star wars iron on decals and short shorts with my skates....I had huge ears so all I had to do was wait for the

  7. ELO fan.... awesome!

  8. I totally imagined you dancing around with the skates and the close, so funny and sexy definetly sexy

  9. My suggestion for something fun is The Levellers' "What A Beautiful Day" (YouTube):

    "What a beautiful day, hey hey
    I'm the king of all time
    And nothing is impossible
    In my all-powerful mind."

    The song I want at my funeral is a beautiful a capella lullaby by Louise Rhodes, called "Deep". There isn't a copy on YouTube (to the best of my knowledge) but here are the lyrics:

    "To sleep, my love, to sleep
    Your precious head on pillow sweet
    And know that through the night
    My arms will wrap around you tight
    For I wonder at each breath you breathe
    And I cradle every dream you dream

    To sleep, my love, to sleep
    Oh deep my love, so deep."

  10. @SwAmPeX

    I have to say that while I am pretty sure I would find 80s Bryan an amazing person with his bowl cut, rollerskates, Xanadu and christian fundamentalism I am not sure I would call him sexy :D

  11. you would not...I was just a kid and so skinny you would have to look really hard to see me.