Monday, November 16, 2009

Manic Monday ...Losing My mind

This blog comes to you today, from a housedad on the verge of insanity. Today has been nuts and finding the time to blog has been a challenge. My poor little girl has picked up a case of head lice from who knows now we are in full lock down and sterilization mode. Also, someone backed into Jays commute car recently putting a huge dent in the fender, so I have to get an estimate done. In addition to trying to get my normal Monday chores completed and work in some studying for my html class.

But..I have about two spare brain cells left to put together a post of significant happenings that I would like to share with everyone...from the politically pertinent and Tragic to the eyebrow raising amusement. Normally I would select one or two of these items to post about, but I don't have the ability to discuss in depth today so, I will post these items and open the discussion to you, the reader. Without further ado...

  • Our favorite 10 year old, Will Phillips is back in the news...this time telling his story on CNN. Pay attention to the snarky comments from the news anchor...

  • According to Queerty, Brazil is moving past the United States in its progress towards marriage equality.

  • Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, A 19 year old, Openly gay young man from Puerto Rico was found mutilate and decapitated in an obvious hate crime....but will it get investigated? CNN iReport

  • Posted on Pam's House Blend, California baby steps toward equality with the launch of a petition drive to repeal Proposition 8. Please do not confuse this petition with any of the many other efforts to address prop 8 by vote in the 2010 election, or by litigation at the federal level. We really are attacking this one on many fronts...I'm not sure if we aren't shooting ourselves in the foot here by pursuing so many options at once.
    If you are qualified to sign the petition you can find it here:

  • And here's my favorite, for all my U.K. readers....

  • Queerty reports on an article from News Of The World, that Prince Harry kissed a man in exchange for a beer. Really? What he wont do for a pint...Doesn't he have enough money for his own? You Brits need to pay your royalty more...and if you kiss a prince, do you turn into a frog?

    The News of the world article isn't quite as interesting though, as the picture posted on Queerty's blurb. I shall be interested to know what all of you have to say about this.

Well that should give you all plenty of fodder for discussion. Hopefully tomorrow sanity will be restored(but I'm not holding my breath). ciao...


  1. One note post

    December 1, the date for the first same sex marriage for Argentina.

    Lices, Like the guide says DON´T PANIC.

    Good luck with the html classes

  2. Re. Brazil - it's Argentina that's moving forward ;-) as well as Portugal, Luxembourg, Albania, the Czech Republic & Nepal, albeit slowly in some cases.

    Re. Queen Harry, you don't need to kiss a frog to turn it into a frog.

  3. well the post does mention Argentina but it also specifically mention that:

    "Brazil's federal lawmakers are racing past Americans en route to nationwide recognition."

    I'm actually unclear whether the Argentine law is federal or strictly within Buenas Aires.

  4. I know I know, I just posted the Date.

    Right Now, there is no law, Federal or State ( Provincias here) Right now, A couple filled the papers for marriage, they where turned down, and they appealed, and the judge aproved for their marriage, right now, they the only ones.

    But as we speak, there is actually a Federal law being seing in our Congress

    Ok, For everyone Here, my facebook is Javier Segata ( rosario, argentina)

  5. O.K....I've seen your photos now and you are adorable swampex...I no longer believe that you have a hard time finding boyfriends.

  6. I can't believe that that person who kissed Harry would kiss a ginger. And not even just a bit of a ginger but like a level 10 ginger.

    I don't know what is happening to the world. People have no morals any more.

  7. Orangegoblin, part of me is still shocked that Queen Harry has such bad taste in men. Oh, and just because Queen Harry is a munter doesn't mean all redheads are.

    Swampex, I've sent you a message/friend request on FB.

  8. Jake (my partner and I) are firmly against ginger people. It is just the way we were brought up. While I think they should be able to live happy lives they should do this in the privacy of their own homes.

    I don't want them near me or my family, especially vulnerable children. Lets wait until the children are grown up and can deal with such issues. Lets keep them off TV and out of our schools.

  9. I agree Jake. If we give thenm too many rights they will start teaching "gingerness" in schools. I personally think we should put it on the ballot!!!! Who in the hell do those damn red heads think they are???
    Good luck with the lice and the dent Bryan!

  10. Dudes, Giners are soooo freaggin hots

  11. Bryan, Prince Harry really rocks, he often does things a prince 'shouldnt' do, I really like him. The kiss was one on the cheeck.
    By the way Austria (in Europe) legalized samesex registered partnerships recently. I like the slow but steady progress in the world on this.
    summersonset x