Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The People We Trust.

This looks like an honest face right? One you'd trust with your children? This Gentleman is Randolph Forde, a 10th grade teacher at Mundy's Mill High School in Jonesboro Georgia. Mr. Forde is under investigation by Clayton County school officials for,...get this... physically threatening a student and "Putting a hit out on him". All of this after Mr. Forde questioned a students sexuality and later threatened to hit him In th f-ing mouth!.

After all the fuss about how gays are infiltrating school systems and forcing a homosexual agenda on innocent children. Anti-gay pundits raised the mantra Its all about the children!. Indeed it is...the right for alll children straight and gay to go to school in safety. I think everyone needs to remember this story when California goes to reelection over gay marriage and the Anti-gay spin doctors pull the same tired arguments out of the closet about how its the homosexuals who are the threat.

The threatened student remains anonymous but the allegations claim that Mr. Forde pulled him out of class and interrogated him about his sexuality. The next day he got into a verbal altercation with the student and this is when he threatened to hit him. but wait...the story gets better...

A few days later, Forde asked another student to “put a hit” on the teenager, according to a police report.

"The suspect advised to the witness that he would pay him to kill the victim," the report states.

The teacher wrote the victim's name on a note and showed it to another student on the school bus, the report says.

.......words fail when reading the above statements. One would think that Mr. Forde was immediately fired and brought up on criminial charges. He was arrested and jailed, but heres the school systems response...

Forde, a teacher at Mundy’s Mill High School, remains on administrative leave WITH PAY.

School officials postponed the employment hearing scheduled on Tuesday for Forde to face POSSIBLE disciplinary action, White said, under advice from the district's attorney that there had been no sufficient prior notice.

....Um WHAT?!... you attempt to have one student kill another and you face POSSIBLE disciplinary measures AND you still get paid?! This is not justice...this is covering someones ass while simultaneously trying to sweep this under the rug.

According to this same article Forde had recently been arrested for making "terrorist threats". An easy crime to accuse someone of to be sure, but when Forde is released on a $10,000 bond it implies that there is some substance to the charge. Also, that Mr. Forde was acquiring a criminal history while remaining in the employ of the school system. I'm pretty sure the police notified the schools that he had been arrested. Therefore the school system knew Mr. forde was a possible threat to his students...at least this is my opinion on the matter.

However, in blame the victim fashion Fordes attorney had this to say...which would be all well and good if the article didn't also imply that their was more than one witness. but heres their blame the gays argument...

Forde's attorney, Borquaye Thomas, said the 16-year-old only complained after he got in trouble for another incident.

"The allegation is he made a hit on him, but that was not what was said nor what was intended," Thomas said. "The student only complained after he was getting suspended."

Forde asked the student about being gay after he saw the boy dancing inappropriately with another male student in class, Thomas said.

"All of the students knew Mr. Forde was joking," Thomas said. "The other students said Mr. Forde always plays around with them like that."

The student in question is understandably afraid to go back to school and untrusting of authorities...gee, wonder why that would be.


  1. What a nob. How the hell did he ever get a job as a teacher. That is a bad school right there!

    I think that one of the (many) things the mental (lets call them that) forget about not allowing gays into schools is that they are already there. In the student body.

    Sad thing is that there are people who probably think this nut job did the right thing.

  2. Can I put A hit on the teacher? it´s easy, with USA economy everyone is an assasin.

    Really, I actually think that the fact they don´t fire teachers is because there are not teachers to replace them.

    My theory though.

  3. Yikes....so disapointed that I never took "Homosexuality 101..OR 102" in high school or college...isn't that the strangest thing?? I NEVER took those studies and in the end I ended up gay.....SIGH!!!! My GOD!!!! What is wrong with me??????? LOL

  4. OK Nice willie horton adNovember 17, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    Yeah bryan it looks like you might be playing the race card here, especially with that picture.

  5. @ OK Nice willie horton ad

    Okay so I knew that America was a very race aware society but I didn't realise that you wouldn't put up a picture of someone because they are black?

    Would it have been okay to show a picture of him if he was Asian?

    I have to say to you,"OK Nice willie horton ad", get a grip.

  6. H8red. That's all it is.
    Officials wanna let it slide 'cause they share the same h8red and say "Good job, Randy" in their thoughts. Let's stop pretending that it's not about homosexuality and that it's just a way for that student to avoid suspension. One student says teacher wanted the gay student dead. The gay student is scared to go to school. What is it? Some kind of an evil plan to get that teacher in trouble? Does anyone really think that gay kid would want this to go that far, become a gay guy the whole world is talking about? No way! Not in Georgia.
    It reeks. It sucks.
    I can't see how anyone can do something like that and then call themselves men of God, Christians. And if in fact there is hell, no doubt they will get tickets in the first row.

  7. How the heck did he get a job as a teacher to begin with? He sounds less then stable and very unsuited to being in a position of power over any one let alone children.

    The fact that he was still working while being out on a $10,000 bond for making terrorist threats is bad enough, that alone should have gotten him put on administrative leave. (possibly with pay)

    Even with out the direct threat of violence against the student and then the attempt to get a hit put out on the student, the teacher should have been on unpaid administrative leave for directly questioning a student on their sexual orientation (that is totally inappropriate and not information that any one other then those the student wishes to tell has a right to. Not to mention that it has no bearing on how to teach a math lesson!)

    Secondly once word surfaced (as it sounds like many student witnessed all part of this train wreck) the teacher should have been up on unpaid administrative leave while waiting for the district to dull out punishment which should be non only being fired from his position but the revoking of his teaching degree/license, as he is clearly not fit to teach let alone interact with children.

  8. Matthew, I guess, these days anyone can be a teacher: a terrorist, a killer or his client, a hateful person... but God forbid it would be a homosexual person... God forbid...

  9. @OK Nice willie horton ad

    In this article I said:

    "This looks like an honest face right? One you'd trust with your children?"

    This comment was not meant to be taken on the basis of his skin color. Its a mug shot..he clearly looks angry and his history and actions bear that conclussion out. This picture was the only one available of him and was taken from the source report.

    This is not playing the "race card" nor is it an attempt to badly characterize a black man. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that the victimized student was black too...so were does that leave us now. This issue INVOLVES race...but it is not ABOUT race..unless we want to get into a discussion about how each racial community handles homosexuality within there own community....and that an one inequality topic that touchs all communities equally.

  10. Unfortunately you seem to be right K!r!lleXXl

    I however was very disappointed in the school districts handling of this case, you know if he had been caught boinking a student and another child out side of school that reaction would have been totally different. However to threaten to beat up, and then try to have a student killed (by another student nun the less) for not telling you if they are gay or not,and you get put on paid leave while the district decides whether or not to punish you, There is something very very wrong there.

  11. I'm pretty sure* my first grade teacher was a lesbian... She also happened to be the best teacher I had all through K-12. Unfortunately, gay isn't actually catching and I'm hopelessly hetero.

    *By pretty sure, I mean that she was friends with my lesbian mom, and had a female partner named Rose.