Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking For A Recomendation

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope I am not imposing too much in seeking a little assistance that I hope will help make this blog a more entertaining experience. I LOVE listening to Groove Salad on SOMA FM while I write and was hoping to find a great radio player widget to add to the blog to stream SOMA's fantastic channels. After much independent searching I have come up with a handfull of less then optimal players that don't seem to work half the time. So I ask my readers who blog, or frequent blogs with players, What works and what doesn't? ...and if you haven't given any of SOMA's channels a listen to, I highly reccomend them, especially Secret Agent and Groove Salad. Both are a very modern lounge sound.

And while I have the subject open...What else could we do to help make this blog a more enjoyable experience....aside from posting earlier in the day...yes I'm looking at you OrangeGoblin.

Thank you, in advance, for your input. I now return you to your regularly, irregular broadcast...


  1. for me you post a te perfect time, but i live in a whole different time zone XD.
    On the radio thingys but I have no idea really

  2. I should amend this post to say I wish I had an internet radio tuner in my head and could listen to SOMA FM ...EVERYWHERE!!!

    No I'm not craxy and stop looking at me like that.

  3. I can't believe I got a bloody name check in the post and I didn't make first! I wasn't even doing anything productive, I was just playing a new computer game - Dragon Age. It is really good. You can have full gay, straight or lesbian relationships (with sex scenes) in it and it isn't corney at all. Seeing as it is going to be one of the years biggest sellers I expect the chrisitans will go mad when they notice you can be gay.

    But as for suggestions.... hmmmm...

    I personally love the blog the way it is. You do do a bit more international news seeing as most of your readers (at least those who post comments) are not from the USA.

    Also you could do reviews of gay stuff on here. Films, TV episodes etc.

    Also you could give me a name check in every other article....

  4. * Waves @ Bryan *

    Orangegoblin isn't the only Brit here!

  5. Oh, man... that was something... I've never had anything to do with widgets, so it was all new to me like for you.
    Long story short... Check out — I added some kind of widget that is supposed to play music from SomaFM. BTW, music is great! Otherwise I would give up trying to get how it all works. My Internet connection sucks right now, so I can't hear if it works just fine, but should work. If you like it, you can use it. That player was found on, there are other players for mp3 files, so choose one and customize: file address is (for mp3-stream of SomaFM on 128kbps — you can find these addresses in pls files that you download on

    How to add widget? If you use WidgetBox, look to the right side: there is a column with a big green "Get Widget" button, under that button there are smaller buttons, one of them is Blogger Button (you should recognize it easily). So, before pressing that button, use Customize option lower: insert file address that I told you above, and background color #003366 (it is currently your blog background color). Then you press that Blogger Button, press "Add Widget," your Blogger page opens up with a question, type in some title that will be seen by readers and press "Add Widget." Then you can change your layout if you don't like where this widget landed. Something like that. Should work.

  6. @K!r!lleXXI
    Thanks for the reccomendation...when I have time to breath again I will follow it up. But for to clean the bathroom....[sarcasm]Yaaaay![/sarcasm]

    @orangeGoblin and @Tavdy

    "could give me a name check in every other article...."

    "Orangegoblin isn't the only Brit here!"

    Oh Great...I'm going to have to do Mousketeer roll call everytime I post something now...Name check on aisle three!!

  7. Hmmm, there were three Musketeers. I guess I'm Aramis (the religious one) so I guess Orangegoblin and K!r!lleXXI can fight it out over Porthos (the gullible one) and Athos (the alcoholic).

  8. I love everything about your blog except for the lengths of your posts. I find them much too long.

  9. Uhhh... I'd rather be a gullible one, than an alcoholic :| And the name... the name should be changed: K!r!lleXXus :)

    Jason, they are long because the main column is too narrow. It looks ridiculous on my wide-screen display.

    Oh, BTW, Bryan, I remember I wanted to ask you something... if I'm not mistaken, it was in the video about your "I like it" when you showed the Star Wars room, there was your new computer with bigger screen (than Jay's), and I could swear that is was just like mine: 20" Samsung 2032BW. Is it? I'm just a bit of computer geek, sorry.

  10. you are right...I don't know the model number off hand and I am too braind dead tired to look it up at the moment.

    The length of the center column may be something I can look into but it may squish up alot of stuff on the margins.

  11. Yaaaay, I knew it, my computer-screen-pal! ;O)

    I see you've installed Soma FM here! Sadly, background did not blend in the way I hoped, but still looks fine.

    The width (BTW) of central column can absolutely be widened (most of people in the world have displays at least 1024 pixels wide, so most of websites are made under this consideration). At least, you can move the "Donate" button from the left column to the right one (which is for gadgets/widgets) and use that space to widen the general column (for posts and comments). I figured it was a preset in your layout when you created this blog. This would really help, especially with YouTube videos that sometimes overlap content of the right column.

    Well, it's 1 pm in Russia, which means 2 am in California... Cya tomorrow, eh.

  12. I want to be Porthos cause he is fat and I like eating.

    SwAmPeX can be Dartanion, the young one who isn't as good as the others :D

  13. Stop fighting, you guys! :)
    As Russian people say,
    "Мир! Дружба! Жвачка!"
    (Peace! Friendship! Gum!).

    Yeah, and start thinking about other recommendations for Bryan's blog, as he requested. I for one don't know what to suggest: everything looks fine: Trebuchet is my favorite font for websites, we've talked about making pages a little wider, widgets are great (I love that pivoting globe with recent visitors, and now there's music)... maybe the background color is a little bit too much politically boring (yes, we got it that you're for Democrats, but they weren't enough supporting lately).

    Oh, I just noticed: the Donation text in the left column says "Help us keep this sight operating!" — ummm, shouldn't it say "site" or "website"? or something is wrong with my English ("sight" = "vision")?

    And there is one thing that I would really want to see on this blog: better RSS feed. It would be great if there would be one RSS feed that we could use to receive information about both new posts & new comments for any posts, otherwise it's really hard to keep up with new comments (new posts are usually tweeted, so I don't miss them). I guess, I should investigate this and get back to you later with a solution, don't wanna make you waste your time on that.

  14. Wow...the blue wasnt a political statement...I just liked it. You will see blue alot in anything Jay and I put together becuase of that. This was actually one of blogspots preformated color schemes. I guess it doesn't have to be so dark...

    Also...I dont see how to widen that center column

  15. Bryan, you're right, it's not like you can just say how wide should be any column, to change these things you gotta go deeper into HTML code (luckily, it's my professional territory).
    Check out my blog, where I showed you what can it look like and explained how to do so.

  16. @SwAmPeX OMG! You get a name check sooooo much!

  17. I need or I get? I never get one