Friday, February 12, 2010

Out On Injury

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to explain why regular blogging has been suspended.

Yesterday I injured my hand with a razor blade and had to go to the emergency times that was../sarcasm.

Jay and I undertook a project to replace the plumbing in most of the house because it hadn't been done since the 50's. All the pipes where corroding and leaks were so everywhere. This job has gone from bad to worse. From trying to make new standardised materials fit in a home that was built when none of those standards slicing open my fingers while cutting tile board. I dam near cut off the end of one of them. And to top it off they couldn't gat my hand to numb with the anesthetic, even after repeated instead of stitches, the wound got glued shut.

Anyway...typing this has been an adventure in itself. I hope to resume normal blogging as soon as my digits arent so tender.

sorry everyone :(



  1. Man that proper sucks! I don't think I can live without a post everyday! If you dictate it to me over vent I will type it :p

    My boss lost his thumb to a tile cutter. Bad times :(

  2. Oh, my God, Bryan! o_O
    Sorry about your fingers!
    I figured you, guys, were busy with something, but I had no idea!
    Home improvement projects are full of surprises just like that. I know that from my own experiences (I dread the next cycle of those projects in my home, and now I know I have a legitimate reason to dread them).
    Get well soon! We miss you, guys!

  3. OMG I'm sorry to hear that Bryan! Ugh that's just awful. Yeah don't even worry about blogging when you've got to heal up. That's just crazy that you're fingers got sliced up that badly. I'm just glad it wasn't worse but that sounds pretty horrible as is.

  4. As no stranger to the emergency room, you have my empathy on this one! Here's hoping for a swift and total recovery!

    ...Maybe you could dictate to another family member? Jay's fingers still work, right? I'd love to see a post from your kids.

  5. Pain sucks. Especially in the hands. Good thing you aren't a concert pianist or anything of that sort. Get well soon, Bryan. And don't be overly concerned about us - I'm sure we'll manage somehow.

  6. We love our Bryan..get well soon! Radiology tech here..I know what you went through at the ER.

  7. Gosh! So sorry for your accident!
    Take all the time off you want!
    Bryan and Jay, your commitment to the gay rights struggle is amazing. Yall do so much with your blog and youtube channel. You don't have to do all of this... and yet you do it! You help so many people all over the world! You expose yourself to criticism and hatered. It would be so easy for you guys to just say.. "you know what, maybe we've done enough." And yet you keep going. Just Amazing!!!

    So here's to you guys!
    Let's hear it everyone!
    Three cheers for the Leffew family!

    Get well soon. Take care. And thank you for hanging in there!

  8. Bryan:
    So sorry to hear of your accident. Hope each day brings a little less pain and you will soon be back to full use of your "digits".

    You will be missed by all your readers, but, the most important thing, take care of yourself, and heal, we will all be here when you are able to come back!

    Love and peace to you, Jay, Daniel and Selena.

  9. How did you manage that? You should put a picture up because I can't picture it in my mind... I hope it doesn't interfere with you enjoying Valentine's Day!

  10. thanks for the get well wishes everyone. I have been reading them..even if i'm not so good at responding at the moment. :)

  11. Oooh; sorry about your hand! I'm still catching up on all your stuff after finding your blog. Healing vibes to you! Happy Valentine's to you and yours.

  12. so sorry for your hand, and get weel soon :)

  13. Hey, danielzero here. If you didn't get enough cyberstalking from me on youtube, Bryan, I'm here to start commenting on your blogs. I've tried to keep up with them, but I have yet to read all of them. I have read most, though. Anyway, I don't know why I didn't get around to doing a blogspot account earlier. Here I am. I'm sorry you hurt your fingers. I hope you'll be back soon.

  14. I'm really sorry to hear about your freak accident, hope your fingers make a full and speedy recovery.

  15. Ouchola! Take good care of that paw, friend. :)

  16. Must have been painful, i chiseled my hand once too...pain! Just remember to use a Clamp on the workpiece and try to minimize where you put your fingers.. Remember safety first!!


  17. Saw the injury (kind of) on your Chinese New Year video. That doesn't look like fun at all. Fingers are a very valuable body part, that there is.

    Personal question - Did you get health coverage for it? If so, is it from Jay's health benefits, or was it tied into your house insurance? My perception of the American health system is that an injury of this sort can lead to very complicated treatment...

  18. That's actually an interesting question, Neal!
    Jay and Bryan are legally married, so Bryan should be covered by Jay's insurance (he's a stay-at-home dad, thus unemployed). And I hope that the state of California recognizes it and provides these benefits for this family.

  19. I have been on Jays insurance since the state of California enacted domestic partnerships. otherwise this would have been much more complicated and expensive indeed.

  20. Hey brian, sorry I´m late, But you know i love you ^_^ I hope you are more than better, You are a strong man and you should be more than okay.

    Besides, Scars are hot.

  21. Sorry about your injury.

    There's a great story about gay dad's ever on goodkin, a new site for non-tradtional families

    Feel better.


  22. Oh how I hate that picture of the dog.

    I am having serious problems with my daily routine now I can't read something new on it every day.

    I am thinking of sending Bryan a trained chimp in the post. It could do all the typing for him and throw poo at unwanted guests.

    Seriously this blog moratorium can't continue. It is stressing me out.

    Heal damn you!