Friday, February 19, 2010

"Right To Love" Song Competition

Aye Carumba this post is late! It has been a zoo of a day...filled with doctors appointments, school drama's, and yes....wild animals too...for real. Selena class actually had a live animal exhibit in class today!

Today I wanted to bring to your attention the song competition for the upcoming documentary "Right To Love: An American Family" featuring us, the Leffews. Voting as officially been open for a couple of days now and runs until March 1rst. The winner will have their song featured in the movie. Others might as well...but the winner is a shoe in. We are already up to five pages of submitted songs, thats unbelievable to me.

Now...being the host of the contest I can't influence by picking my favorites here, but I do get to vote....and so do you. If you are registered on GotSpot you actually get to vote twice! Once anonymously and then again if you log in with your GotSpot account! Creating the account is free.

To partipate please go to:

We really need you help to get the right song for the film! And I promise...regular blogging will resume tommorow. Hopefully without conversations with the teacher about lunchtime food fights or jumping lemurs :)


  1. I´m interest to know about the school drama... I love school dramas.
    Did she bring the cat or the dog to wild animal thingy?

  2. selen'as class got to have "classroom safari" come in to school. its a group that brings some on the tamer zoo animals into classrooms for kids to see, touch, and learn about first hand. She got to see lemurs and snakes and such.

    Daniels class has been having lunchtime meltdowns that reportedly involved the teachers shedding tears of frustration. Sadly Daniel seems to be were most of the kids in his class...what his role in the incident was is still unclear.