Thursday, February 4, 2010

Going Where No Man Has Gone Before....Except "Teh Gays" That is

Captains Log:

Stardate: 29something-or-other

Space...the final frontier..these are the voyages of the starship's five year explore, strange new seek out, new life and new boldly go where no man has gone.....wait a minute!...

Kirk: Is that a trail of glitter on  the view screen? How did that get out in space?

Chekov: It appears to be the warp signature of an alien wessel captain.

Kirk: Uhura!...have we been hailed?

Uhura: I havent recieved anything captain...but all communication with starfleet has been cut off...all I can get is loud dance music.

Kirk: Spock...who redecorated the bridge? The lighting is incredible!...and when did we start serving mojito's?

Spock: I did not authorize any such improvements captain....It is highly illogical.

Kirk: ...and did our uniforms get tighter? I didn't think that was possible. My butt looks incredible but I can barely breath in this thing.....Spock!...Bones! whats going on?!

Mccoy: Dammit Jim!...I'm a doctor, not a fashion designer!

Spock: It is uncertain captain. It appears that we have been visted by a previously unknown alien culture.

Kirk: ....Mr. Sulu....What are you smirking at?....

Sulu:... Don't ask. Don't tell captain.

Alright dear readers....many of you know that I am a rabid Star Wars fan. In fact, I also love lots of other scifi titles...even if they don't rock my world as much as Star Wars does.

I am also an avid online gamer and recently released from Cryptic studios is, Star Trek Online. Which means that I am totally gonna play the hell out of this game.

Now...I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies for more than five years. I've gone through all their game content so many times that I can do it in my sleep. Its time for a change. Star Wars: "The Old Republic" is still more than a year away, so Star Trek makes for a breath of fresh air....AND...this time I am not going to play it straight...a new game and being out to my friends from Galaxies means ...I'm bringin "teh gay" to Trek. Sadly, it wont be where no gay man has gone before....thanks alot Mr. Sulu..../sarcasm

So...If any of my readers are gamers and Star Trek officianados. I would love to connect with people and enjoy galactic exploration...and serving in a military that could care less about far my experience with it has been fun. Almost like playing through an episode of the t.v. show. Also, all of the images you see on this page are ingame screenshots. Pretty eh?..See you on the final frontier!

When I pry Jay off my computer I will update this thread with my ingame contact info :)

*UPDATE* My ingame handle is Turok@-Outrider-   they have totally wierd handles in this game.


  1. Why do you always write "Teh Gays", Bryan?
    I'm not complaining about spelling, really, I swear (you, guys, hear this, right?).
    It's just clear that I don't know something about English language... Is this some kind of a pun or something? Just wanna know.

  2. Its LOLspeak...if you go to:

    Read the way they type their photo captions you will get it.

    Its basically making fun of the way people shortcut and/or misspell when they type a conversation...whether in an MMO...a chatroom...or a text. Switching the "h" and the "e" is a common mistake when you are trying to type fast to keep up with the pace of conversation.

    LOLspeak is a close cousin to l33tspeak (leetspeak)...which is another online gaming oddity alltogether.

    This is not to be confused with my normal...and totally flagrant violations of the english language you are already acquainted with.

  3. Oh, God, Russian "olbanski" is now in English! This "olbanski" is our version of LOLspeak, but it came to Internet from hooligans on the streets. This obsession is almost over here, I mean people are so over this thing. I wonder which was first and where it all began. Gotta research that.

    Everyone, I apologize for this intervention.
    This topic is now deemed closed.
    Carry on with your usual discussions.

  4. I am going to go and get this tomorrow!

    Me and Jake are going to play this weekend.

    Send me your user info :D

  5. No need to apologize. I'm usually about a year or two behind the curve on social trends so this is all new to me...I can't help it...I find it hilarious..but then my humor has always been a bit odd. :)

  6. ... OMFG...
    I need to ilegaly download this, adn try to play it... Oh my poverty...

  7. I always wondered where "teh gays" came from. I've heard it around the internet before but didn't know how it became so popular and why everybody seems to know about that slang

    I wish I was into Star Wars as much as you guys. Then I could play games and talk about it with you guys. Alas, I never really watched it when I was young, so I don't quite understand the story. The first movie I saw was like Episode 1 (I think it was episode 1. The 4th movie I think?). I think chronologically story-wise that was okay since I started at the "start," but culturally I'm off. I haven't seen the 2nd movie yet, although I finally watched the 1st like 3 years ago. My other friends are really into it like you guys (1 of them was the 1 who showed me the 1st movie). Although after seeing your house and toy collection in that video you made, you're probably on a whole different level of fandom. Still just like you guys they've got the light sabres and stuff

  8. I updated the post above to include my ingame name. They have an odd, email like, naming convention. My characters name is Turok, but my game handle is -Outrider-(believe was hard to find a name that wasn't taken). they put those together as:


    Wierd eh?

    Oh...and Goblin...Its good to see that you weren't murdered by Even.

  9. Sulu:... Don't ask. Don't tell captain



  10. @ u3q2v

    Its o.k...we don't all have to like the same stuff. I just get tired of playing these games alone so I am reaching out to my readers to find those with common interests. I understand that there are just as many people who do not resonate with Star Wars OR Star Trek at all. Though the debate is still out on whether thats a choice or if your born that way. :)

  11. While I'm not into gaming, I can't pass up the chance to note two Star Trek fan-based video sites that include leading gay characters.

    Hidden Frontier ( ) has the story of Ro Nevin and Cory Aster woven all through the seven seasons of their storyline.

    Star Trek: Phase II ( ) includes an episode The Next Generation considered too controversial to use. It's titled "Blood and Fire."

    You may already be well aware of these, but I couldn't resist giving them a good word.

  12. Chris Pine made me a fan of Star Trek. If Star Wars had any comparably attractive you male actor, then they would be able to compare. But you raise a good question Bryan - are people born to love Star Wars and not Star Trek?

    I don't know about you, but sometimes it feels like I was born to love Chris Pine. Which probably means I was born to love Star Trek (though I admit to finding the universe far more ludicrous than Star Wars.)

    Regarding the game - it will have to wait till the summer for me to pick it up. Hopefully I'll have a new computer capable of handling newer games, and just enough free time to actually go online...

    P.S. - Great introduction.

  13. @canadianhumilty

    Urg Chris Pine! I think he looks horrible. Like he is made of wax. He doesn't look quite human, more like an animated character.

    Plus I heard he is short. Why are actors always short?

  14. @orangegoblin

    Sadly, I'm only 5'8". I'll never be taller. Eventually I'll shrink. I can handle short.

    Whether or not he looks like wax matters little to me. When I see those eyes (with their peircing blue contacts), every pore on my body is elecrified with excitement.

    I'm pretty certain that I was born a Star Trek fan just to spend many hours of my life watching that film. Incredible.

  15. Hey Bryan, this thread reminded me.

    Have you ever played Knights of the Old Republic.

    It is not just the best Star Wars game ever.

    It is possibly one of the best games ever.

  16. I loved that game though I have never made it past the first installment....that is whats giving me such goosebumps for TOR....Knights set the bar pretty high.

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  18. Just started watching your youtube channel.. I really what ya'll are doing..

    I've been playing Star Trek Online for a few wks now. It's a pretty good game. I'll send you a friend invite..