Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun Thread...A Fan OF Teh Fuzz.

Last night I was informed that this blog writer had gotten entirely to serious lately and that this blog need not be a clearing house for political issues, which I had to grudgingly agree with. The world is full of bad news and if we soak in it 24/7 you can't help but become a bit of a storm crow. So, lets change gears a bit. and let me apologize in advance to my Lesbian and straight male readers...if there in fact are any, this threads a bit of a perv...

Yesterday in Queerty's "Morning Goods" section we a sight that stopped both Jay and Me cold:


.... 0.0 ...../drool..

At any rate, as we were both staring slack jawed at the computer screen, it was recommended that this photo be the basis for today's fun thread...when it comes to men do you prefer furry?

or smooth?...

or perhaps you follow my line of thinking and respond, "is there and option c? All of the above?"

The question for me comes down to the man more than the amount of fur he sports. To me, as long as he is confident in himself he exudes sexiness regardless of how much body hair he may have. though, I do have a slight partiality to the furry side....G(woof!). I find the men in there natural state to be more attractive than one who has overly fussed over his appearance. In the 90's, as I was first coming out, it was all about the guys who were shaved nearly completely hairless, tanned within an inch of there lives, and sporting muscles that clearly looked like they were the product of raging steroid addiction. To me, that looked fake, something like a human poodle. I don't mind a little hair, or a little extra around the middle because all those things just make you sexier to me..But that's just my taste on the matter.

But that's probably a TMI now, so I will leave you with something to think about and leave the thread open to you....

Yes I like footballers...You know you do to...


  1. @Bryan, your link to Queerty doesn't really lead anywhere... You might wanna check your HTML code.

    As for the topic. I'm way too young to appreciate hair; so the less hair, the better...
    There's nothing wrong with hairless body (I think it's better for sex life: you don't have to worry about using your tongue anywhere you want, and when hair is everywhere... I don't know, definitely won't be a fan of that).
    Just a little tan, preferably from sun parlor (you don't know what to expect from the natural sun these days, especially after "2012" documentary I watched a couple of weeks ago).
    And normal body build, just slightly athletic, but not too much, not "steroid" too much. Low body fat, slightly enlarged muscles.

  2. sorry...couldnt concentrate on what I was writing about, too much to look at....the oversite has since been fixed.

  3. ok ok I will have to say at this point in my life.... ANYTHING IS GOOD! This is probably cause of the loneliness I am living and how horny I am right now. I have even considering starting the "gay agenda" here in Mexico with some straight guys, sadly I don't have the subscription for the plan so I can't start it yet(LOL).

    On a more serious tone I think the only thing I wouldn't like would be skinny guys, hairy or smooth that would be a turn off for me. Everything else is valid hehe.


  4. I'm one of those lucky guys who has very broad tastes. That doesn't mean I like every guy I see, but it does mean I have a fairly broad range to pick from, and definitely don't have a "type". In general I prefer furry to smooth, older to younger, and like there to be some meat (both muscle &/or fat) on the bones, but there are exceptions to every rule: my straight step-cousin is smooth-skinned, 7 years younger than me and weighs 140Lbs at 6' tall, yet he's one of the hottest men I know. Of course, being reigning UK Muay Thai champion in his weight class only adds to the allure.

  5. One of the best things about being gay is that jealousy isn't a big problem when we're both ogling the same guy. :)

  6. Being a non-guy loving reader, I would just like to say no apology necessary. Feel free to have a shallow blog as often as you need one :D
    The world can always use more happiness!

  7. I like the hairer guys with some weight on their bones, but really I'm not very choosy when it comes to physical appearence. Beggers can't be choosers, and in this case I'd probably be consider a begger. lol.

  8. I don't have a Preference in this department at all. I like a person for what they are on the inside. Now if they have dark hair and brown or blue eyes that is a big plus for me. Wether they have hair on their body or not doesn't really matter me and believe me I sat here and thought about it for a pretty long time. Thinking for me ='s danger! lol

  9. I find hairless guys a little weird. A bit prepubescent.

    If it is natural them I am okay with it but I can't be doing with shaved bodies. I don't want bloody stubble rash off someone's stomach and I think it looks weird.

    Same thing with tans and too much muscles. Freaks me about a bit. I just think people should have something better to do.

  10. I concur with orangegoblin, as far as the shaving thing goes. The whole shiny, musclebound thing isn't for me. They're trying waaay to hard. But then, I prefer skinny, geeky looking guys. :P
    I think that the man in the bucket is the cutest of the lot, but then he's in a BUCKET. This is a great post!

  11. The bucket definitely adds to the allure. Its almost like you found him...washed up as it were. finders keepers.

  12. I want me some fur, I concur with orangegoblin. But I´m a sucker for muscles but the chubbys que all my love.

    Now this is a fun post. god thing tonight I go to a Bears and Cubs club thingy, lets see if I get lucky

    Edit: this word thingy to confirm was "wooke" I laughed

  13. Wow. You guys aren't allowed to do this to me. So many images that are worthy of a wall-sized posters.

    On the hairy vs. non-hairy thing, I would say I prefer hair - just not too much. But then again, this attraction for hair is a relatively recent thing, so perhaps this will develop a bit more into something more... intense?

    I do find muscle mass sexy. Too much is kind of off-putting though. Once again, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and what isn't.

    Really, my question is, as orange goblin has asked, is there nothing better to do with your time than work out, or groom your body? I would prefer to think so. There is far too much life to experience to get caught up in our appearance.

  14. I think there's a difference between guys who work out to be healthy, and guys who work out to fit a preconceived ideal of "sexy". IMO the former are generally much more interesting - both physically and psychologically - than the latter.

  15. I'm not into jock types...I have a thing for rockers and goth metal singers from finland

  16. Last night I was at a party in central London, about 250 gay guys (plus about half a dozen ladies, both straight and gay) took over a pub on Chancery Lane for the night. We're kind of an extended friends network, so there were loads of old friends and loads of guys I'd not met before. I was the only guy in the room with long hair, and all night I got compliments on it (and some very welcome attention from a guy who looked like a cross between George Clooney and Bruce Willis). Gay guys almost never have long hair (at least, they don't in the UK) yet it's obvious long-haired guys turn them on - slight logic failure there I think. Perhaps the allure is that long hair is associated with straight guys?

  17. You may be onto something there Tavdy.

  18. I must say I like a little fur. I find facial hair very sexy whether it is a nicely trimmed beard or a sexy gotee. As for chest hair, some is great especially if it has a happy trail......TMI ???????????????

  19. Happy trails are only TMI if you follow the trail right to the end.

  20. o..thank you bryan. *sigh* there aint nothin' wrong with enjoying the show pieces, just try to remember they're people too. ive known a few too many people caught up in the whole blonde hair blue eyed thing.. and while that can be hot-look at daniel craig, i always wanted to have the blue black hair my grandfather did and so i tend to prefer guys who are fuzzy and dark haired. that said, i agree that there can be something attractive to any guy and it depends more on who he is than what he looks like. some people, i could just listen to all day long..even if they cant sing. you were nowhere near tmi in this one, but im an inappropriate troll and not a good judge of that anyway.