Friday, December 25, 2009

A little Holiday Turkey

Stop Christmas from coming?! way!

No matter whether you heart may be two sizes to small...we here at the Leffew household wish you a Merry Christmas!

Santa was very good to two certain little elves this year, who made out like Christmas bandits. Seriously, I just spent all moring assembling one of those "play kitchens". That thing was as complicated to install as our real kitchen was and came complete with all the same features. I seriously considered calling a

Everyone loves a little holiday since GayComicGeek did his review of the Star Wars Holiday Special...I thought I would post it here in its regifting neccesary and no need to thank me....the expression on your face is gift least I chose take that pained expression as gratitude....You're Welcome.

Too much turkey may make you may even upset your don't eat too much, and enjoy a very merry holiday season from us!

The Leffew Family


  1. No way I watching that. GCG say it was awfull XD.

  2. It is boxing day here now. Jake is asleep after falling outbwith everyone because he gets grumpy when he gets too tired. His dad was tickling him at 2 am and he was screaming fuck off I am 28. Good times! Loved your video :D

  3. I completely understand Jakes behavior as I am exactly the same way....too tired...too hungry...either condition means trouble.

    Merry Christmas and happy day of boxes


  4. Poor Jake!
    I can just see him being tired & grumpy & rude... Adorable!
    Why is he so tired anyway? I didn't know festivities can be so tiresome.

    Happy Unwrapping day, everyone!

  5. He was up from 7 am making all the meals! And we ate a lot.

    Plus we were all pretty drunk!

  6. Craig, when I asked that question I haven't seen your Christmas video where Jake was cooking in his family house, so now I see.
    His mother is very beautiful!
    Hope his mood has gotten better.