Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wedded Bliss...At Last

For those of us who have been following the story of Jose Maria Di Bello and Alex Freyre's struggle to marry in the country of Argentina, yesterday held a wonderfull surprise, reported on Edge New England.


It was a long struggle but in spite of government interference, the couple was able to find support to marry in the neighboring state of Tierra Del Fuego in the city of Ushuaia,  said to be the southernmost city in the world. According the article the city of Ushuaia initially refused their request until they got the backing of Tierra Del Fuego province and Gov. Fabiana Rios. Rios is quoted as saying that gay marriage...

"is an important advance in human rights and social inclusion and we are very happy that this has happened in our state."

And, of course, this story would not be complete without a guest appearance by a representative of the Catholic Church. "The decision took me by surprise and I’m concerned," said Bishop Juan Carlos. He considers Freyre's and Di Bello's union to be..."an attack against the survival of the human species."....right...like we haven't been here all along or anything.

And the happy couple?

"My knees didn’t stop shaking," said Di Bello. "We are the first gay couple in Latin America to marry."

Congratulations gentlemen ...and to the GLBTQ peoples of Argentina. I admit to being very down when this was originally blocked. Marriage equality took alot of blows to the gut just a few short months ago and it may happen yet again...but...Tonight is a good night to celebrate and we will raise a toast to your unions. May your lives together be full of love and blessed beyond your imagining. All our best hopes and wishes go with you for a long and happy life together.
The Depfox Family


  1. Huh? How is a gay marriage "an attack against the survival of the human species."?

  2. Good to see that there are people in the government who do not cowardly keep silence, but actually DO SOMETHING. I hope this marriage will stand, I hope it won't be proclaimed void or won't be the only one allowed after they shut it down like in California. It's only one win in one battle for Argentina, not in the whole war. I wish Argentinians to win this war completely!

  3. @Jason.
    Oh the chatolics thinks we will turn EVERYONE GAY, so then we would not reproduce. Zod, I would pull and Jurasic Park just to prove them wrong.

    At bryan, I was happy really, couldn´t stop smiling all day. I was channel surfing all day and i was amazed with al the publicity. Mostly good.

    The supreme court has already come out and said that they will not over rule it. at least that´s what i heard while channel surfing.

    And to add. Mauricio Macri, Governor of Buenos Aires, that first was going along Same sex marriage. now has switched. In a interview ( can´t remember if it was and old one or if it was new) said that the Gay community was a mental illnes. And He doesn´t know what women do in politics and can´t seem them in an office. His vice governor is a women in a wheelchair ( everyone with two fingers in his/her head knows she was a political publicity, and every speech she mades is void of matter, you can´t ask her anything because she can´t respond... cmon she is in a wheelchair and the city is has less ramps than MY city)

  4. * I correct my self.
    The supreme court has already made a desition about gay marriage but they won´t say it until next year. no idea when. ( I expect that if not in january March, when all gets up and running)

  5. @swampex

    Wow...talk about suspense...you have to wait a year?! Thats awfull

  6. Last year the Pope said that homosexuality was the biggest threat facing humanity.

    I think this shows the level of perspective within the Catholic Church.

  7. As I said via e-mail, has been wonderful for once to see good news on the news and in newspapers ... usually speaks of death and poor economic and social situations ... But yesterday the knowledge of the wedding of Alex and Jose Maria, was not only a touch of color, was a story that made us smile ... well at least made us smile at those who have the heart and mind open ... I guess for the obtuse as ever, this has been a kick to the liver ... Well, for once, they can withstand it.
    A kiss and a very large mega-hug for you and the kids!
    Ancris from a proud Argentina

  8. Next year... and we are at 30/12 Bryan XD!

    Oh wait? you were joking? I hate that i can´t hear the sarcasm thrugh the net... XD

  9. Desde Argentina, les queremos decir: GRACIAS, por tanto apoyo!!!
    Alex Freyre y José María Di Bello
    (en facebook: "alex y jose maria")

    From Argentina, we said: THANKs, for your support!!

  10. Er, this last comment was really from Alex Freyre & José María Di Bello? Or I misunderstood your Spanish?

    If so, that's just cool! Bryan, your blog was spotted by the celebrities you were writing about!