Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mexico City and Gay Marriage...Doin' it right

Do's and Don'ts for approval of marriage equality...the "Foot in the Door" method:

  • Do NOT submit to a popular state or nationwide vote.

  • Do NOT count on a single politician to be brave enough to take the heat alone or act on conscience.

  • Do NOT expect nationwide acceptance of gay rights without first letting people get there frightened little toes in the water first. Which leads us to...

..DO..begin with the legislature of a major city who is willing to bring marriage equality to reality and build from there....

Seriously..that's how it seems to work for the majority of the time. Marriage equality began, for us here in California(though Massachusetts beat us to it) with Gavin Newsom and and the city and San Francisco. Washington D.C. recently passed its own marriage equality statutes, recently signed by Mayor Fenty...and Now...Drumroll please!.....MEXICO CITY!

I don't know about any of you but that one caught me quite by surprise. I didn't even know that particular airplane had taxied to the runway let alone that it was ready to take off.

Following a vote by the Cities legislative Assembly. The measure passed by a vote of 39-20 and it is expected to be signed into law by Mexico City Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard. In a REALLY unexpected move they ALSO passed legislation to allow gays and lesbians to adopt by a vote of 31-24.

Really....Two civil rights wins on the same day? Anyone checked the temp in Hades lately?

But of course, in an effort to save face with a more conservative populace, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and The National Action Party, have declared that they will challenge the law through the courts.....right....because we just can't let people be happy can we?...with the back and forth nature of marriage equality laws lately, this will be one to watch to see if it has the ability to stand the test of conservative backlash.

Good for you Mexico City...Congratulations from all of us. Let your wedding bells ring this holiday season so that other countries can hear what freedom sounds like and follow your lead.


  1. I wonder why the president would stick his neck out to say he will fight it.

    It is only going to lose him votes right. People against won't care enough for it to sway their vote either way and it will stop people for from voting for him who are for gay marriage.

    Do I not understand the mexican political scene?

  2. I don´t know. For what I understand, mexicans are ver... "machistas" You know, the oposit of femenist.
    So I don´t think it will cost him, a lot of votes.

    Still. Congrats to mexico. Just in time. ( My best mexican friend is comingo to argentina for 6 months)

    Any way @Bryan, I´n sending you and email in the next few minutes, you should chek it out for the Lol factor.

  3. Thanks to Arcadio who informed us about that yesterday in this blog!

    It's great news, but somehow I feel like I have to refrain from celebrations just yet: I still remember what happened in Argentina. I really, REALLY hope it's not gonna happen in Mexico City. But only time will tell. I will celebrate it when it's a done deal with no takesies-backsies (hell if I know how to write this children's phrase correctly, hope you got the idea, because it is childish when they give and then take it back — it's insulting and discouraging).

    Let's all pray that same-sex marriage in Mexico City will stand. Amen.

  4. When I saw this on your blog. I was really caught by surprise as well because I have a lot of Mexican friends and they are okay with me being gay but they don't like much of the ideal of being gay. Way to go Mexico City!
    Thanks for the up date on this!
    Take care and stay safe!

  5. Felipe Pendejon I mean Calderon is a complete jackass, I should know better I am mexican and over here we all know how useless he's been, not only because of opossing to this civil right but at controlling illegal drug trafficking, reducing crime and many more.
    Anyways I'm shocked as well and I hope these civil rights remain.

    This world lacks tolerance and respect, if we all treat each other equally this world is surely to be a much better place...

  6. Go Mexico! I'm so happy to hear the news!

  7. @orangeoblin82
    Calderon doesn't have to worry about votes anymore, since in México reelection isn't possible. And if you are talking about winning votes inside the Senate is even less likely. Usually when a change in the law comes from the President he gets the support of his political party (The National Action Party(PAN)) but not from the other two mayor parties (PRI and PRD) so they usually don't worry much about winning votes.

    I am hoping the same, the good news is that PAN and Calderon has said the same thing about other laws approved in México city (not on the whole country) and they haven't been able to change anything.

    @Lathan V
    Believe me I am as much as surprised as you are, I really didn't think it would pass. But is well now that a lot of the representatives in the Senate are gay and live a double life, tho it was never clear to what Political Party they belonged. Right now the majority of votes inside the Senate belongs to the PRD (the Party that proposed the law) so I don't think we will get bad news anytime soon...

    The reality is that the PRD is the one that should be worry about losing votes in the rest of the country. México city is not so conservative as other states and this move could became their doom or their winning in a really big way.

    @Jay and Bryan
    Thanks for posting this!! I hope you have a great X-mas.