Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ladies Knight

Joe Bennet: Pencils/Jack Jadson: Inks/Alex Sinclair: Colors/Copyright DC Comics

Holy Homosexuals Batman! The joker must have slipped something into Batgirls drink because she doesn't like men in tights like we d*....Uh, I she used to!...and why is she snogging Catwoman?...

Finally!...batgirls out of the closet! ...the only question is what item in her utility belt she used to break out. Perhaps a little bat-courage?..bat-ingenuity? Only one thing is for sure, gone is the helpless sidekick, and in her place stands an ass-kicking  heroine.

but seriously true believers!...A large portion of comic readers are gay. In fact, my first boyfriend was obssesed with superheroes to the same degree that I obsess over Star Wars. It was through him that I learned about Northstar, the first out, gay, comic hero.

One of the reasons that so many Gays and lesbians love comics is because the themes they present mirror our experiences of being outside of society. Their themes of alienation, and trancendance make an automatic connection with many gay readers who put themselves in the shoes of the hero on the page, righting the wrongs of our world...or at least escaping it for a while.....And the fact that they are hot doesn't hurt either.

Copyright DC Comics
Detective Comics #859 tells the story of Batwomans origins and,...interestingly ...that she was kicked out of Westpoint under allegations of having a relationship with another cadet. Rather than buckle to "Don't Ask Don't Tell" she instead opts to tell the truth and is discharged from the army. How this leads up to to becoming a bat-themed crime fighter I really don't know...but I will be heading down to my local comic shop to find out! The story continues in D.C.'s series "52" issue #11 where socialite Kathy Kane, as Batwoman, will be fighting crime alongside ex-Policewoman (and ex-girlfriend) Renee Montoya, in a Batman/Commisioner Gordan type relationship...with benifits.

While Batwoman being a lesbian doesn't make her the first gay character ever to hit the comics stand, it does make her the most recognizable. Previous Gay characters where usually side characters in lesser known titles...the most popular being, Northstar of "Alpha Flight". A quick peruse of the Wiki reveals a rather extensive list of gay side characters from Marvel, D.C., Darkhorse, and a host of other comic titles...but none to instantly recognizable as batwoman and certainly none with their own title. I hope she blazes a trail for more to follow her harrowing example. I aways though Batman and Superman had some homoerotic tension going on, maybe its time they owned up to it.

Copyright DC Comics
But, my Crimefighting Connoisseurs! ....will batman ever come out?!....will our Sapphic superheroine give him the courage?! ...will he ever shed the stigma attached to his relationship with his young ward? We'll just have to tune in later to find out!....Same bat-time!....Same bat-channel!


  1. I have never thought the relation between gays and comics, and not that you put it it kind of makes a lot of sense.

    As always... awesome post.


  2. You have Some facts Wrong If I may say.

    Actually, Dc´s "52" event was the first time she appeared. And it was a big fuzz, she being a lesbian, i think ti merited a section in the New york times i think.
    And since last year she´-s been staring in Detective Comics. wich was Batman title for long.

    It was anounced that she will be Off Detective since number 863, and she will probably star in her own book "Batwoman" sometime in 2010.
    I think it will be the first time a Gay character will star in her own book. I think I´m not sure.

    I SOOOO recomend this series. it started in number 854/3 if recall. Both the Artwork ( wich is beautiful) and the story is amazing ( althou the origin story is ver new reader friendly, the first story is not very much, you can still read it and understand it, but you will fully enjoy it if you read her older stories)

  3. @ swampex....sorry about the fact screw up. I had to look it up in about 3 different sources to get that much information on it.

    plus...thats what I get for working out of my if this was Star Wars I could have told you what color underwear they were wearing...what episode they showed the underwear in...and any spinoffs featuring said underwear. :p

  4. I highly recommend picking up trade paperbacks of 52. It's a great series, though Batwoman is a relatively minor character in it. Which isn't too bad because Renee Montoya plays a pretty big role.

    And to fuel some homoerotic ideas about Superman and Batman, see if you can find a copy of Superman/Batman Annual #1. It has the added bonus of being one of the funniest comics I've ever read.

  5. I loved Northstar and all for being out but he was the worst super hero ever. He was French.

    Gay kids have always loved the whole x-man thing. X-men is basically the world but subsituting same sex attraction with super powers.

    If I could have any super power it would be the ability to spontaneously create elephants. I would be called Stampede.

  6. ...

    I´m so stealing your character Goblin. That is pretty cool dude.

    My powers is just flying nad/or controlling gravity. calling myelf Ifly.

  7. Batgirl is a lesbian? Thats real hot *having sweet fantasies of her saving other women*
    As always Bryan great writing, you really ahve a talent for that. Summer x
    (Merry Christmas!)