Sunday, January 24, 2010

Celebration!...Lucky 100th Subscriber!

Gay Family Values has reached 100 subscribers! Wow...I can't believe it. And who got to be luck 100?


Thank you Wendy and all my regular readers for subcribing to this blog. I hope you find it as fun and informative as I do when making it. I have a great time talking with everyone in the comments and learn as much as from you guys. Thank you for making this so much fun.



  1. I think this Wendy is our Summersonset (aka Summer x)!

  2. I don't even think I am subscribed...

  3. I wonder how far off I was from 100 since I'm a pretty recent subscriber lol. And yes I find this fun and informative!

  4. Congratulations on 100 subscribers!
    I also find this fun and informative! I really enjoy not only reading your blogs but your conversations with every one, it provides so much honest insight into different topics.

  5. you had to have been one of the first ten swamp.

  6. Informative? Definitely. You've connected me with a homosexual community that I don't recognize in my local community - a community limited to the bar scene (which I have always been hesitant about).

    Fun? Well, all I know is that some of your posts have made me wish I could turn my clock back an hour to enjoy some personal time with a British man in his bath tub. And made me admit my admiration of hair, publicly. Yowza....

    Congrats Bryan! You're doing great things!

  7. Hey Bryan I just logged on in 2 days and saw this. So nice. Happy to be your 100th subscriber. I love your blog, the way you write, your openess and intelligence and all the people who respond to you here. And Kirrilex, that's me indeed, hope youve been doing okay :). Summer x