Monday, January 25, 2010

Perry vs. Governator...Attack of the Cloned Campaigns

Today Prop 8 gets to call the tune and the witnesses but since we haven't heard what their game plan is we will just have to tune in and see. I for one will be donning my tinfoil hat for this event as I'm sure theit attempt to twist logic into their favor has a good chance of ripping a hole in space and time. Good luck to us all...

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  1. I’m reading the transcripts from the day 10; Boies grilling Miller on voir dire examination.

    It’s a fun read, I’ll tell you that! The following are not real quotes:
    Q: Are you an expert?
    A: I think so.
    Q: Do you know the history of gay rights movement?
    A: Not really, only last 40 years.
    Q: Do you have peer-reviewed publications?
    A: Only one, in a French journal. Oh, and some book.
    Q: At your deposition you didn’t know about activists groups that played an important role in the period you consider yourself an expert.
    A: Oops.
    Q: So, are you an expert?
    A: In my view, I am!

    In my view?” You know, in my view I could be the king of the world…
    [Whereupon there was a recess when I was imagining myself being the king of the world…
    Kidding, just kidding!
    Or, I could be an expert because I’ve written an encyclopedia entry about the history of LGBT rights in Russia, covering about a millennium of Russian history per se; I’ve researched tens of sources for that, wasted a lot of time on that… Can I be an expert? I don’t think so.

    My goooooooodness! Are they trying to lose??? Wait! That’s exactly what they are trying to do! They already know that Walker is not a bigoted fool, he won’t make a foolish decision in their favor, so they’re not even trying to defend their case in Ninth Circuit Court. All they did was entered a lot of documents during Herek’s testimony on Friday, so they could appeal to those later, in SCOTUS. They’re not trying to win this case here, they’re relying on the bigotry of SCOTUS that will cook up some excuse to dismiss the case. Or, they’re hiding a secret weapon that will only be revealed in front of SCOTUS judge panel. Like magic. Smokes and mirrors, ladies and gentlemen, smokes and mirrors! That’s how sleazy lawyers win their cases!

    Well, at least we have a strong case we can be proud of, no lies, only the ugly truth, and it’s on our side. We don’t need to resort to lies. Moreover, we shouldn’t. History will not forgive us. This is a historic event. These are historic times we live in. This is what kids would be reading about in their books at school (and this is how homosexuality will be taught at school, hehehe! Sponsored by Gay Agenda!).