Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gays v. Governator part Deiux....Twitter Strikes Back!

Day Two and still no Youtube video of the trial so we are resigned to following this by Twitter until something changes. and...eventually I will have to get back to my regular blogging and stop obsessivly updating twitter pages. Yesterday Sean Chapin of Youtube was present outside the courthouse and posted his perspective on the morning rally:

To follow current happenings check out this link to Courage Campaigns Liveblog originally linked by K!r!lleXXI ....thanks Lexxi.

Good As You , Pam's House Blend , and The Advocate also have great twitter feeds to keep us all in the know.

A veritable smorgasborg of information...feel free to add if you know of a better source as I will be in total obsessional mode all day. ;)

More to come as I hear it....same bat time...same bat channel.

*update* yes only one today..the only wrap up I have found  SO FAR, is this one from Pam's House Blend. still keeping an eye out from more....till tommorow compadres...


  1. I wanted at first to follow this trial on Twitter, but that liveblog seems to be doing a really great job. They are already covering the second day of trial. Rick Jacobs is sitting in the room with the TV live feed and obsessively types everything he hears in his laptop. So, it's way better than 140-character restricted twitter messages. Here's his first day coverage in one page, easy to save one link instead of 5 pages he originally had yesterday.

  2. Bryan-wouldn't it be cool if they used some of your YouTube vids in the trial to promote marriage equality. If anything you guys show how "normal" a gay family is.
    I wonder if any of the attorneys have seen them?

  3. ACK! normal? While yes it would be awsome I wouldn't characterize us as normal....only because I threw all definitions of normal out the window a long time ago. ...but thank you for the vote of confidence. :)

  4. I'll post it here as well, liveblog, updated after each courtsession, extensive in trial coverage.

  5. Hey Bryan,
    Thanks for the link to the advocate twitter. I had it going to my phone all day so that I could keep up with the trial even while I was at class.