Friday, January 8, 2010


Sean Chapin of Youtube brings us his take on Riccochet! by Shiny Toy Guns and the subject of todays post.

Welcome to the echo chamber.....A place where truth makes no difference, only how much emotion you can stir in  those you want to influence. Lies and misinformation are accorded the same respect as  great philosophy and ancient scripture. Slogans become battlecries, putting reason to the sword. Intollerance becomes victory and true freedom a "slippery slope". This is what allows others to cheer as freedom is trampled along with our hopes and dreams.

Being a blogger, and an amature one at best, I know I swim in a world of opinion. Facts and reasoned perspective are harder to find in this environment than manifesto's and lines in the sand. This constant barrage of thought and opinion is what informs most people about current world events.

For example, The email blast from Brian Browne of NOM that was posted today on Good As You:

Dear I-Could-Not-Stand-Against-Your-Agenda,

Three big pieces of news this week. You've already heard about New Jersey, where yesterday the state senate REJECTED gay marriage 14 "yes" to 20 "no" (with five senators declining to vote).

That's a victory to celebrate!
Of all the egotistical and arrogant comments to make....Celebrate? remind me again of how my ability to marry my partner affects you exactly?
And how exactly do you have the right to stop that with a vote?....because I call bullshit on that Mr. Brown. I don't get why this is such an important issue to you personally that you would expend such time and effort subjecting the lives of gay's and lesbians to a public vote....or why its cause to celebrate when their dreams are crushed.

He had this to say about filing a referendum to vote on marriage equality in Washington D.C....

Gay-marriage advocates are claiming gay marriage is such a core civil right that they have the right to block the people of D.C. from voting for marriage-even though that right is explicitly laid out in that city's charter, its constitution.
and what about our federal constitution....I guess you don't want to mention that one do ya or the Declaration of Independence in its assertion that we as Americans are entitled to "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? Also, while D.C. may have an allowance for a referendum, it also has specific rules about non-discrimination of minority classes....AND...who the hell carved gay people out of the rolls of U.S. citizenry? Are we not "the people" as well?

He also adds this about California's decision to televise the Prop 8 trial...

Judge Vaughn Walker, in another display of his eagerness to cater to the pro-gay-marriage side, just announced her will televise this trial over the objections of lawyers for Protect Marriage, who cited the threats and harassment Californians have already experienced as just one of the many reasons why we should respect the federal rule that bans televised trials.
and of course, Maggie Gallagher weighs in...

The case will be a show trial in a kangaroo court. I don't say that lightly of any federal judge, but Judge Walker's extraordinary bias has already been flagrantly on display.
This is their extremely disrespectfull strategy to discredit the case before it even gets to trial. To me it shows that they are unable to address the case on its merits and instead chose to go for personal kids in grade school do...."sticks and stones" Maggie.

But essence is the way they paint us to anyone within earshot of this email:

...That's right, the Constitution drafted by our Founding Fathers contains a right to gay marriage-in their twisted view...

...Gay-marriage advocates believe they have a right to win. They think you and I don't count....

...We do not expect to win at the trial level, but with GOD's help, at least five members of the current Supreme Court will have the courage to defend our Constitution from this grave attack...
Yes Brian, we do believe we have a right to win and I for one believe that your opinion of my marriage doesn't  count nor does your vote on it. who gives you that right? I don't think you have any right to legislate me into a lesser legal class than you and coopting GOD as if he is exclusivly on your side is the true slippery slope here. Do you really think that the Christ that forgave those that crucified him and ate dinner with the worst sinners of his day would really stand up and applaud at whats going on here? What did Jesus really do in life? He forgave people, he healed, he fed them, he did not exclude anyone who came to him. Thats why I do not believe he would send out an email blast celebrating the pain of others...but thats my interpertation that I must account for myself.

In one fell swoop they have cast themselves as the defenders of all that is good and holy, and cast us as outsiders attempting to usurp rightfull authority. Is it any wonder that public votes go the way they do when groups like NOM play to this level emotional manipulation? Theres no truth or fair perspective in their message...theres not even a concrete argument beyone religion for why they are against marriage equality in the first place...they deal in fear and misinformation and e-blast it from the rooftops.

"Be not afraid". Thats the most often repeated commandment in Holy Scriptures. A movement founded on a lie about human nature will fail. It takes just a few men and women of courage and vision to stand up for GOD's truth against all the powers that council defeat, despair, or indifference.
That's a wonderfull and inspiring piece of scripture Mr Brown, that sits well right alongside, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "What so ever you do unto these The least of my brethen, you do so also unto me". The bible was meant to give us courage and support in lifes trials, not back up our political movements. Anything we use from it to castigate another can just as easily be turned back on us.


  1. Bryan,

    One slight correction....the phrase "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" comes from the Declaration of Independence, not the federal Constitution, as you stated.

    In this fight for marriage equality, it is very very important that we be very exacting in our understanding of the facts, legal system, and techniques employed in each locale.

    The early Civil Rights struggles in this country--borne out in Brown v. Board of Education, Loving v. Virginia, etc.--were successful because of the extacting standards and shrewd understanding of local conditions of hero litigators such as Thurgood Marshall. The amazing legal teams of those times are a large part of the reason we advanced so much as a country.

    So, too, in this struggle, we must be precise and leave no doors open for those on the other side to criticize. I enjoy your blog, but I do want to challenge you to a bit higher standard of precision of the facts. It's more work, yes. But, quite frankly, that is what is missing in the sea of emotion in this debate.

    Thanks, and best wishes!

  2. Duly corrected....I hate when I do that. Now if you could just do something about Jay standing behind me constantly trying to hurry me along while I type. Blogging and family life often don't mix well.

  3. I love how NOM have started the slag off the judge all ready. How is that going to win them any support?

  4. When will NOM and its ilk get the memo that noone is trying to replace opposite-sex marriage with same-sex marriage? I still have trouble believing these people think it actually has much to do with them.

    The thing I hate more than anything though, is when I have to explain to people that just because I'm a Christian it doesn't mean I have anything much in common with the people they hear venting on TV.

  5. @always_been, I do think Gallagher has lots of mental issues. Im not saying this to slag her off (but I do hate her though lol), but this woman has serious mental health issues. Anyone who acts like she does and actively hates and discriminates has psychological issues. I havent figured out a disorder for her yet, but working on it :) summer

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