Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eye Candy

Well its a new year and fortunately, no news is good news. Plus I'm so worn out from the holidays...I need a day off. So I'd like to take this opportunity to do something light and  share a couple videos that we found on a really awsome site called Way Out West TV. This site is a clearinghouse for gay oriented music videos, television clips, and short films. Its chock full of lots of gay goodies. These are just a few that we would like to share with you:

First lets go for a walk with Reead in "Baby"

Wow...I think I would have followed them all the way down the street peeking out from street corners and from behind mail

Next up is Street Hero with "Brooklyn boys"....another good droolfest video.

"Brooklyn Boys" by Street Hero, dir by Leo Herrera from Leo Herrera on Vimeo.

And last up is The Joans with "Mad At The Dirt". The Joans and their brand of Joan Crawford humor is about as campy as it gets. Watching it brought back flashbacks of the B52's...and thats a compliment as I still love them.

So rest up from your wild and reckless New Years partying and lets start this new year off right by making good on all those goals we set for the new year. ;)



  1. I love Europe! You can just take off your clothes completely and walk down the street, no one will say anything. In Russia you would be scolded by passers-by (women of certain age) and maybe even battered (by men of, well, pretty much any age).

    Thanks for goodies, Jyan :)

    I liked the first guy in Reead the most.
    And Brooklyn Boys were great, I liked the scenes closer to the end where they were trying to touch each other through that plastic curtain.

  2. Thanks Bryan! Street Hero FTW! Awesome song and definately some nice eye candy!

  3. I have to be honest. I'm very much turned off from gay music videos, tv shows, etc that seem to have this need to constantly have some semi-naked, beefy man in them for no real reason. I'm not a prude...once in awhile it's ok...but not often.


  4. Thank you, Bryan,,,very nice video,,,the second guy is my favorite. I love Paris and I just love the attitude of the French towards the naked body. I can't wait to go back again,,,,,,

  5. That top video reminds me of running naked through the streets of Bristol at 19. We thought it would be run to run naked out of my friends flat in the city centre, round the block and back in again. There were 6 guys and 1 girl.

    Trouble was the rest of us were naked but with shoes, the girl didn't wear any shoes, she couldn't run and therefore couldn't keep up.

    She arrived back about 5 mins after the rest of us.

    I have never laughed so much at anything.

  6. A comment by a mate on the first video:

    "This sort of thing shows how confused society is about nudity: on the one hand three men can walk naked down a public street without causing any trouble, despite the fact that many of the people who witnessed this had not chosen to take part, but on the other hand in the recording of them doing that, that we watch by choice, in private, it's almost unsurprising that their genitals are hidden.

    But in this case the coloured patches are not simply the kind of censorship that would likely have taken place if the walkers were reported on the six o'clock news. The patches are a deliberate part of the piece, not an add-on (although I still wonder if they were primarily there to improve the chances of some TV time).

    The final visual effect would have been very similar had the walkers worn tiny swimming trunks, but it makes a big difference that I know they were naked. I found the patches hypnotic: I couldn't take my eyes off them! So the attempt to hide the willies actually had me spending more time thinking about them than I'd have done otherwise. I hope I'm not alone in that: I think it shows that a version showing the naked men would have been less interesting: the patches emphasise the nudity rather than hide it, and cause viewers to pay attention to it in a way that the passers-by (who had not had the hint) did not."