Friday, January 15, 2010

Perry Vs. Governator part 5: The Reckoning!

Hello Trial junkies! Finally the court is reopened to the public after a closed session this morning for council to view some of the sealed documents that Prop 8 clearly does not want the public to see...but we are up and running again. Today is day five of the. potentially three week, emotional rollercoaster that is the federal prop 8 trial.  Via Firedog Lake Today will see testimony from:

* Michael Lamb, Ph.D, a Professor and Head of the Department of Social and Developmental Psychology at Cambridge University, who will testify about gay and lesbian parenting and its impact on the adjustment of children and adolescents, and the benefits to children and adolescents if their same-sex parents were allowed to marry.

* Helen Zia, a lesbian author who will testify about her sexual orientation, her experiences with discrimination, and the effects of being denied the right to marry her longtime partner.

* M.V. Lee Badgett, Ph.D., a professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, to testify about the private harms caused by Prop. 8 and the impact of same-sex marriage on the marriages of different-sex couples.

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  1. issues Cease and Desist for Prop 8 Trial Tracker Logo
    They try to do anything to stop us from receiving updates from the court, to stop information from spreading on any level, so they decided to try to scare Courage Campaign with a frivolous lawsuit, but the lawyers made it clear: logo is a parody, and parody is protected by the First Amendment. So, screw you, guys!


    Pictures of Helen Zia at her and her wife's wedding day. Found the link through 'Firedog Lake'. I was very moved by her story.

    (summerwen is me, summersonset)