Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perry vs. The Governator.....Part three: With a vengeance!

Vengeance for an awfull and discriminatoy law that hopefully will go the way of the dodo. Hopefully this will be the last day of the Supreme Court injunction against filming the trial. But if and until then.....Heres todays day three twitter link reposts. I will add updates as I learn of them....

Good As You

Pams House Blend

The advocate

Courage Campaign Liveblog

And keep your thoughts a prayers out there for Haiti today everyone. I havent seen damage like this since the Sumatran Tsunami.

*update* newly found video from last nights Rachel Maddow:

*update* I recently heard that today the prop 8 defense tried to argue that gays have gotten "too politically porwerfull" in the state of California and were therefore, not subject to discrimination.

Are they serious?!....

that little nugget goes along with the one where they said Californians "have been extraordinarily generous" with us gays. I take that to be in reference to out domestic partnership laws. Pardon me but...doesn't this smack of "let them eat cake"?


  1. An incident like this really smacks you in the face and makes you realize how lucky we have it here in the US. Those people are sooo poor anyway. (the average salary is $1 a day) Then to have this tragedy without any of the resources that we in the West. It was pretty much hell there before this and so sad.

  2. This is the first time I've seen Rachel Maddow. I'll definitely be watching her show in the future!

  3. Noelly B,
    That's exactly what happened to me: Bryan posted Rachel's video about Uganda here, so I followed to MSNBC's site to see more about her show, and now I'm hooked, I watch her every day! It's a great political analyzing show that seems to really care about what happens in the USA, and exposes dirty politicians and their lies, on the highest level.

    About the Prop 8 trial. I read reports from the courtroom and I can't believe my eyes! If the SCOTUS will not allow to release those videos to the public on YouTube, I would be really furious! This is a great stuff, I mean GREAT STUFF!!! The evidence presented is mostly unheard of and unknown to the public, I myself found out a lot of great info that should clearly lead to the ruling in our favor. I can't imagine what arguments could possibly trump this... only bigotry and blindness, really. And the public must see this footage, everyone must see it! It's the only way to prove them how wrong their views are about homosexuals. We shouldn't just win the case, we also should educate people with this information collected by professional historians and sociologists!

  4. SCOTUS indefinitely BANNED cameras from the Prop 8 trial!
    We'll never see it on YouTube!
    Does anyone think they will give us marriage equality after something like that???