Monday, January 11, 2010

Perry vs. The Governator.....Part One: The Youtube Banning!

Alright The Big trial begins today and since Govenor Schwarzeneggers name is attached, I cant help but cast it as a cheesy action action flick. Though there will be no care chases, explosions, or snappy catch phrases it nonetheless will have us on our seats awaiting the outcome. And who said law was dry?

Todays episode of the Governator saga is brought to us via New York Times. The Supreme Court has blocked Video coverage of the Prop. 8 trial until they can consider the judge Walker's decision to broadcast the trial via YouTube. Thats right.....THE Supreme Court, as in that U.S. one. The very same one that has been studiously avoiding anything gay marriage has moved with a vengenance to block the broadcast of the trial. The ban order will be in place until Wednesday. At least we know they are paying attention. I'm not sure if thats good or bad.

I will update this thread as I find out more. But I need your help! Please comment below with your suggestion for cheesy sequal names for future posts

*update* While Video and YouTube upload may be blocked, they haven't stopped anyone from twittering the trial....check out this feed from The Advocate

P.S. per Sean Chapins on the street perspective there is a HUGE crowd in front of the courthouse and a large media presense....including FOX news interestingly enough....stay tuned...


an additional twitter feed on Good As You ...And pictures from outside the courthouse this morning via

*Update3* o.k...just got home from rounding up the kids from school, going to the dentist, and a million other parental obligations...I feel totally out of touch with whats going on with this trial that will decide the fate of my family ....but hey...we can now read the detwitterized version of Ted Olson's opening argument via The American Foundation for Equal Rights. I don't think I could think of a single point he missed though some could have been emphasised a bit more. I'm all on pins and needles still...


  1. Why have the banned it? Did they ban it's entire boradcast or just the internet part?

    Wouldn't supprise me if they are just scared of the internet. The establishment always seems unduly scared of the internet. Like they are your old unmarried aunt or something.

  2. Aren't fox news really impartial - like they don't even make an effort?

    I listened to a documentary last night about race in America where someone was arguing that Fox news were regularly only a milimeter away from saying that universal health care was a stealth way of paying reparations to black people. Their logic being it is the white people who pay the taxes and the black people who need the care?

    I thought government was supposed to be colourblind? I dunno, I don't understand racial politics in America. It is steeped in too much terrible and recent history.

    Either way though aren't Fox news really right wing?

  3. Fox news is the basically a right wing propaganda channel. thats why its both interesting and frightening that they would be present....after all, they normally ignore us.

  4. If part two isn't called Electric Boogaloo, I will be very disappointed. I might cry a little.

  5. "A Storm Is Coming" was not allowed to be played, due to the fact that is was "Post prop 8."

    IT DOESN'T MATTER! The bigots are still using the same ideas after prop 8 than they were before prop 8! This angers me. That disgusting video would have touched the judges, in my opinion....

    While gay marriage is legal here in NH, my heart still goes out to CA. If this whole things fails, I would feel sick....

  6. I personally can't believe Coopers argument that allowing gay's to marry will leat to fewer marriages. Didn't Rachel Maddow shut down that particular argument a few months ago. I really hope Judge Vaughn didn't buy that one.

  7. Bryan, tell us how can we follow the trial?
    Is there any audio or video feed anywhere?
    Is there any good twitter feed?
    What's the best source you have?

  8. Well, since cheesy names for posts are my specialty, here's a couple of them for you:

    The Bride of Prop8enstein
    Bigotry: The Next Generation
    Honey, I Stunk The Gays
    The Clone Bores

  9. Why would anyone opt out of marriage because of someone else getting married? How many kids don't know about homosexuality by the fifth grade these days, anyway? Never mind all the problems with the supposed Biblical argument (separation of Church and State, it's only frowned on in the Old Testament, etc.) None of these arguments make any sense. I have no understanding of why the opposition cares about this.

    Also, the unmarried aunt comment... with the laws and culture the way they are now, the unmarried aunt is very likely the sort of person who is most vested in this issue. Not criticizing, just amused. Poor maiden aunts.

    I can't wait until the internet generation comes into power. No one who has witnessed the power of rule 34 can really give a crap about something as mild as homosexual monogamy with the confines of marriage.

  10. I think managed to cover the first day of trial pretty well.

  11. Kirilexx, that link you gave is excellent, I had found it too!
    Here's another one, Bryan, real extensive coverage (live blogging), updated after each court session.

    Hope the link works. summer x