Wednesday, January 20, 2010

perry vs. Governator day 7...First Blood!

Well...more like 7th blood really...but I'm running out of credible sequal names....who knew so many just had numbers? Sorry for the late start but while court begins does parenting....

Todays line up looks thus:

•Ryan Kendall, a gay man who will testify about the “conversation therapy” he underwent in his youth and how he has been affected by discrimination

•Gary M. Segura, Ph.D,Professor of American Politics in the Department of Political Science at Stanford University. He will testify about the relative political power of gays and lesbians as a class of citizens, and their level of political vulnerability.
Still on the lookout for that week one reenactment...I will post it when I see it.
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  1. I don't know about you guys..but I am sooo sick of being a "political football" between the conservatives and the liberals. I wonder when they will realize that "inclusion" equals votes and "exclusion" does not...

  2. @ Jim Stone

    It's part of the objectification process. I don't justify it, but its how they keep you in an oppressive situation, and, I am afraid I am guilty of it myself.

    I am showing the Depfox family to people, to try to change their vote. And I strategized to use their video with the holiday photos to appeal to the people who used religion as enough reason to vote away marriage equality.

    I am not proud that I thought like a strategist, rather than a person, but, on a whole, treating you like an "it", or "political football", rather than a person is part of how the parties dehumanize you. It helps them vote away your rights more easily without weighing too much on their consciences.

    I know my tone is rather nonchalant, and dosed in bitter truth, but, its my take on it.

    I am sorry you are being used for political purposes. I hope to see that change when the courts finally rule in favour of marriage equality.

  3. until the democrats get it that we are NOT that football ..they are going to continue to lose more than just Kennedy's senate seat.

  4. @ GayFamilyValues -

    How can this be overcome? Right now, outside of marriage equality, another huge debate is on universal healthcare. The two primary parties have no problem using the working class, the terminally ill, or the impoverished, to help leverage their points.

    They will always find a metaphoric football. It's easier when driven by the mob mentality.

    ladybugmagic -